NHL 24: How to celebrate

How to celebrate in NHL 24

How to celebrate in NHL 24

After learning controls and how to score in NHL 24, it’s time to find out how to celebrate in NHL 24. There is nothing better than celebrating in your opponent’s face right after scoring a goal.

Celebrating a goal in NHL 24 is not as complicated as in other sports games, such as Madden 24 or EA FC 24. However, you need to know certain controls on how to do it, and we explained everything in this guide.

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How to celebrate in NHL 24: Inputs and how to change moves

Press any action buttons on your controller (A, B, X, or Y on Xbox and X, Circle, Square, or Triangle on PlayStation) in order to celebrate a goal in NHL 24. Even if you missed pressing any of these action buttons, don’t worry because the player will automatically perform a random celebration.

How to change your player celebrations

Now, let’s talk about player celebrations in NHL 24 and how to change them. In this year’s edition of the ice hockey simulation, you can find 75 different player celebrations. To select them, go to the ‘Celebration’ tab in the NHL 24 Creation Zone. When you’re there, you also have an opportunity to customize your player’s appearance and number.

There are 75 different celebrations in NHL 24
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There are 75 different celebrations in NHL 24

Every player has four default celebrations in NHL 24. It’s pretty straightforward: Press any of the four action buttons on your controller, and that’s how to celebrate in NHL 24.

Fans are a bit disappointed because NHL 24 doesn’t offer a wide variety of celebrations like some other sports games. However, EA Sports could work on this feature in the future and add more celebrations, as well as a combination of buttons to make celebrations more unique. At the moment, all you need to do is press one action button to celebrate a goal.

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