MLB The Show 23: Team Affinity Season 2 Captains

Team Affinity Season 2 has finally arrived at MLB The Show 23. The program brought us plenty of new rewards, cards, and events. It also added plenty of new content to the game, providing players with even more entertainment.

Among the many new cards the program introduced, we have the Team Affinity Season 2 captains. These MLB The Show 23 cards allow you to boost your team's attributes. So, they are very important. The right captain card can secure you plenty of wins, by increasing some key attributes.

So, let's check out all the Team Affinity Season 2 captains.

Season 2 Captains

Team Affinity Season 2 arrived at MLB The Show 23 on 9 May. The program launched at 3 PM ET/ 20 PM GMT. With it, we had plenty of new content that arrived at Diamond Dynasty.

Just like in Team Affinity Season 1, we have 30 captains. They are spread across the American and National leagues regions. Each region has five captains, with all of them boosting different attributes and positions.

The easiest way to earn these captains is by completing all the Team Affinity Season 2 program tasks. Once you do that, you will all earn all 30 cards. However, you can also acquire them in the Show market.

MLB The Show 23 has already revealed all the Team Affinity Season 2 captains. For the AL East, we have White Ford, Yandy Diaz, John Means, Enrique Hernandez, and Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

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The AL Central captains are Jim Thome, Eric Hosmer, Tim Anderson, Justin Verlander and Bert Blyleven. When it comes to the AL West, the captains are Corey Seager, Jim Edmunds, Edgar Martínez, Roy Oswalt, and Dennis Eckersley.

In the National League, we also have some great captain cards. Some of them might even make your starting lineup. For the NL Central, we have Nick Lodolo, Greg Vaughn, David Bednar, Mark McGwire, and Kyle Hendricks.

The NL East has Garrett Cooper, Víctor Robles, Tom Glavine, Al Leiter, and Robin Roberts as captains. In the NL West, the captains are Will Smith, Steve Finley, Larry Walker, Yu Darvish, and Logan Webb.

Why Captains are so Important in MLB The Show 23

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Players build their squad around their captain card. So, it's essential to have cards that benefit from the boosts your captain provides. That is why captains are so much important.

However, these new captain cards are quite underwhelming. Many players already have 99 OVR captains in their lineup. So, unless these 92 OVR cards have some astonishing attributes boost, they won't get used much.

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Fans aren't very thrilled about the Team Affinity Season 2 Captains. They think the captains needed to be at least 95 OVR and with some great abilities boosts. Only this way would these cards be worth using.

But, if you want to complete the Set 2 collection, you will need to have them all. So, even if they don't enter your lineup, they are still useful cards to have.

Team Affinity Season 2

Team Affinity Season 2 has finally arrived at MLB The Show 23. The popular program will bring plenty of new cards, events, great rewards, and many challenges.

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The brand-new Incognito series cards look amazing!

Diamond Dynasty players are very excited about the program. So, if you want to know everything about the upcoming MLB The Show 23 program, check out our Team Affinity Season 2 guide.

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