MLB The Show 23: Shark map hidden rewards location

MLB The Show 23: Shark map

MLB The Show 23: Shark map

MLB The Show 23 keeps on releasing new content. This time, a new Conquest map has arrived at Diamond Dynasty. The Shark map brings many rewards and provides players with plenty of entertainment.

However, as it's usual for Conquest maps, the best rewards are hidden. These rewards are spread across the map. So, players will take a lot of time collecting them all, especially since they don't know where they are located.

Fortunately for you, we know exactly where all hidden rewards are located. We will help you collect these rewards in an easy and quick way.

So, let's find out where all the Shark map hidden rewards are located.

Shark map hidden rewards

As mentioned above, MLB The Show 23 added a new Conquest map. It's called Shark, and just like the name indicates, it has the shape of a shark.

Conquest maps always have hidden rewards. Some have great rewards, that can help you massively upgrade your squad. Others, not so much, gifting players with just some Stubs or normal packs.

When it comes to the Shark map, it has the best hidden rewards of any Conquest map released in MLB The Show 23. Not only does it offer plenty of rewards, but all of them are actually good.

MLB The Show 23: Shark map hidden rewards
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Credit: JesseD123
Here are the locations of all the hidden rewards!

The hidden rewards this map contains are the following: 13 Show packs, six Diamond Duos packs, one 2023 Home Run Derby pack, one Alter Ego choice pack, one 2023 All-Star Game pack, and one Ballin pack.

As you can see, these are a lot of packs, that can include a plethora of 99 OVR cards. These cards can help you upgrade your squad, or get closer to completing the MLB The Show 23 card collection.

These hidden rewards can be found in the locations showcased in the above picture. Simply conquer those locations, and claim the respective reward. Then, you will have a lot of MLB The Show 23 packs to open. Hopefully, the MLB gods are on your side, and you can pull some great cards.

Extreme program

The Extreme program is part of the new wave of content that is coming to MLB The Show 23. This program arrives at Diamond Dynasty on 28 July and brings some splendid rewards.

MLB The Show 23 Mike Piazza
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99 OVR Mike Piazza is one of the reward cards players can earn.

However, this is by far the hardest program MLB The Show 23 has released so far. The program will be full of incredibly hard challenges and missions players need to complete. So, if you want to earn all the amazing rewards the Extreme program has to offer, make sure to bring your A game.

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