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MLB The Show 23 has announced plenty of new content this week. With season 2 kicking off on 12 May, the game will provide fans with a plethora of new cards, events, programs, and rewards.

Among the wave of new exclusive content MLB The Show 23 has announced, we have the season 2 Boss Choice Pack. It's one of many new card programs that will arrive at Diamond Dynasty in season 2. Just like the others, it will add some spectacular cards to the game mode.

So, let's find out everything about the Boss Choice Pack, and understand why fans are so excited about it.

MLB The Show 23 Boss Choice Pack

The Boss Choice Pack is arguably the most exciting card program coming to MLB The Show 23 in season 2. It gives players a chance to earn some great cards and upgrade their squad. These cards are expected to have great attributes and will probably be meta for quite some time.

Just like in season one, the Boss Choice Pack it's part of the season reward path. This means you will be able to earn plenty of other rewards while working your way to these five amazing cards.

To progress in the season 2 reward path, you simply need to play plenty of games, and complete tasks, challenges, and program missions. This way, you will earn a lot of XP, and quickly reach the end of the season 2 reward path.

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The Boss choice pack always delivers some of the best cards in the game!

Once you do that, you will have the chance to select three of the astonishing five Boss cards. Worth noting that, these cards are a part of two different card series. The Incognito card series, and the Kaiju cards series.

Mariano Rivera, Josh Donaldson, Greg Maddux, Chase Utley, and Grady Sizemore, are the cards up for grabs in this pack. We expect all of them to have spectacular attributes, and also great quirks.

These cards will all be purchasable in the marketplace. So, if you don't feel like grinding your way through the season 2 reward path, this is the best way to get them.

Team Affinity Season 2 coming to Diamond Dynasty

Team Affinity Season 2 is arriving at MLB The Show 23 on 9 May. The popular program will bring plenty of new cards, events, great rewards, and many challenges. This will allow players to update their squads, and get their hands on some of the first Set 2 cards.

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Plenty of exciting new content is coming with Team Affinity Season 2!

Diamond Dynasty players can't wait for the program to be released. So, if you want to know everything about it, check out our Team Affinity Season 2 guide.

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