MLB The Show 23 Gameplay - Latest changes will REVOLUTIONISE the title



MLB The Show 23 is fast approaching, with more deep dives into the latest title being rolled out.

Gameplay was in the spotlight in a recent reveal and it's safe to say there are plenty of changes coming!

So, find out everything you need to know about the new gameplay changes in MLB The Show 23 below.

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There has been a huge revamp to fielding in MLB The Show 23, so much so that you will need to re-learn the skill!

Fielding Attribute

The fielding ability attribute - which controls non-throwing errors, start transitions and jumps - has been rebalanced, so there will be clear differences between those with a higher rating compared to ballplayers with a lower one.

These actions are not governed by controller input, but by the ability of the ballplayer, making your team selection more impactful.

There have also been new animations added, including plenty of urgency animations, giving the gameplay a faster, more dynamic feel, and the speed of the animation is determined by fielding rating too.

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TOTAL OVERHAUL - All aspects of fielding have been reworked in MLB The Show 23

Throw Meter Change

The difficulty of the throw accuracy meter has also been increased, with the sweet spot now moving depending on the difficulty of the play and the distance of the throw.

The green sweet spot will still be determined by the arm accuracy attribute of the outfield player, but with force throws to first, the yellow portion of the meter now refers to the player on first base who will receive the throw and is bigger depending on their fielding ability.


Passive quirks have been completely removed, as the designers thought too many of them weren't impacting the gameplay.

Four new quirks have also been introduced, with each as follows:

  • Pickoff Artist: Increases success rate of pickoffs
  • Table Setter: Performs better when no runners are on
  • Break Outlier: Pitcher loses less break when tired
  • Bad Ball Hitter: Excels at hitting pitches outside the strike zone

It is also confirmed that quirks will still stack in MLB The Show 23.

Clutch Attribute Change

A massive change coming in MLB The Show 23 is that the clutch attribute will become meaningful.

In past titles, we didn't always know how it was impacting the gameplay, but this time we know exactly how it will work!

If runners are in scoring positions, the batting clutch rating will replace the contact rating for batters, producing more RBIs.

Conversely, pitching clutch will replace the H/9 rating for pitchers when runners are in scoring positions.

This will make the clutch attribute a key part of a ballplayer's ability, where they can perform better in the big moments and in key situations.

On-Screen Displays

There are a couple of additions to on-screen displays in-game that can be accessed via the D-pad.

As well as showing the base attributes of the players, their quirks will be displayed, with the attributes updated due to the quirks.

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BEHIND THE SCENES - Statcast will give you more information on your performance

By using left on the D-pad, you can see Statcast, which will display all the key stats from the game and update as it progresses.

This lets you know things such as how much contact you're making or what the opposing pitcher is throwing to you, giving some key insights into play.

Swing Analysis

Another aspect that has been completely revamped in MLB The Show 23 is swing analysis.

As admitted by the gameplay designers and producers themselves, it just wasn't good enough in previous titles and there was a better way they could show the information.

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CLEAN HIT - Monitor your shots better than ever before with the new swing analysis
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Swing feedback will now show in real-time, with the relevant attributes included.

Swing timing, PCI placement, contact type, exit velocity and launch angle will all show on the swing analysis.

Hitting Update

MLB The Show 23 has three gameplay styles - Casual, Simulation and Competitive.

The community was happy with Casual and Simulation, so there were only a few little changes introduced, however, Competitive - which is used in Diamond Dynasty and all online game modes - has had a big overhaul.

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BE THE BEST - Competitive gameplay will require more skill than ever in MLB The Show 23

There will be far fewer foul balls and it will be easier to strike out batters when they take a swing at bad pitches.

In Competitive, the PCI has been reduced by 50%, making it harder to hit balls outside of the zone, with more emphasis put on rewarding good swing timing.

Rule Changes

MLB has brought in several new rules that will go into effect this season, with that being reflected in MLB The Show 23.

The main change is the shift restrictions, which means there must be four infielders with their feet on the dirt, with two on each side of second base.

The pickoff limit and larger bases will not be coming in this title.

However, the best incorporation has to be that the universal DH - which was introduced in MLB last year - will now be in Diamond Dynasty!

Full two-way player functionality has also been implemented, with secondary positions given to players, so you can use pitchers as the DH or in your starting rotation.

Ranked Co-Op

Co-Op Ranked has now been introduced, allowing you to gain rewards and move up and down the ratings ladder depending on your results.

This will work just like Solo Ranked, with the game designers once again listening to what the MLB community was asking for.

MLB The Show 23 Gameplay Feature Premier

If you want to listen to what the team behind MLB The Show 23 has to say on the gameplay and changes coming in the new title, then check out the MLB The Show 23 Gameplay Feature Premier below:

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