New face scans add detail to MLB The Show 23's Road To The Show

MLB The Show 23 Feature Premiere brought us some more exciting news about the most anticipated baseball game of 2023. The San Diego Studios' title went through some major changes, in order to provide players with a better gaming experience.

With MLB The Show 23 release date getting closer and closer, fans can't wait to test the game out. But while the game hasn't been released, the weekly MLB The Show 23 Feature Premiere helps to quench a little of the players' curiosity.

So, let's see what exciting changes are coming to the Road to the Show game mode.

Road to the Show changes

The first major change in Road to the Show is the ball player hub. With a more simplistic interface, players will have an easier time navigating it. This makes it easier for users to find the information they are looking for and improves the users' experience.

Developers admitted that removing the on-the-field training feature was a mistake, so they decided to bring it back this year. Now, players will once again be able to practice their pitching or hitting in a more realistic way.

MLB The Show 23 Feature Premiere on the field training
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MLB The Show 23 on-the-field training

It will help players see what areas of their game they need to improve, and also help them improve their attributes. Since there are no penalties if you have a bad performance in the training, this game mode is perfect to help players that are new to MLB The Show.

Perhaps the biggest announcement of this week's MLB The Show 23 Feature Premiere, was the introduction of the Face Scan feature. This feature hugely increases the players' immersion in the game, making them feel like they are actually playing in a real MLB match.

MLB The Show 23 Feature Premiere Face Scan feature
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MLB The Show 23 Face Scan feature

To get their faces scanned into the game, users need to download the MLB The Show 23 companion app. In the app, press the person icon, download a small update specific to the face cam, and then just take the photo.

After that, players need to head up to create a player inside MLB The Show 23, and simply apply their photo. Players will still be able to customize their characters however they want, giving users more options to choose from when it comes to character creation.

Last but not least, a massive change to the Road to the Show draft animation was announced. Developers felt the draft animation wasn't good enough, and that it failed to immerse the players into Road to the Show as it should. So, they introduced a new animation, that is much more detailed than the previous one.

MLB The Show 23 release date

With Spring Training well underway we are closing in on the official MLB The Show 23 release date.

Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees
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ALL RISE - Aaron Judge is likely to get the highest rating in the game this year

Players can take to the mound and step into the batter's box from 28 March 2023. However, you can get in a little earlier if you are willing to pay for it.

Collector's Edition players will be able to start their journey to the top four days early. That means the earliest you can play MLB The Show 23 is 24 March 2023.

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