MLB The Show 23: Diamond Duos 18

MLB The Show 23 Diamond Duos 18

MLB The Show 23 Diamond Duos 18

There is always new content arriving at MLB The Show 23. New programs, events, and cards are constantly added to the game. This time, a new pack has arrived at the Show store.

Diamond Duos 18 brings two 99 OVR players with some fantastic attributes to MLB The Show 23. These two cards will allow players to upgrade their squads. With these two superstars, users will also have a much easier time securing wins in ranked.

So, without further ado, let's find out everything about the Diamond Duos 18 pack.

Diamond Duos 18

The Diamond Duos packs always bring some great players to Diamond Dynasty. This time it was no different, with 99 OVR Pete Fairbanks and Yordan Álvarez coming in the 18 edition of the pack.

Both these players possess great attributes, quirks, and are among the best players in their positions. So, let's take an in-depth look at both of them down below.

Pete Fairbanks

Fairbanks is the closing pitcher every player wants to have in their squad. The Tampa Bay Rays player is a great choice to close out the game and secure some wins.

He has three pitches, and all of them are incredibly fast. His fastball is a nightmare for any hitter, with even the best struggling to make contact with the ball.

Mlb The Show 23 Pete Fairbanks
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Pete Fairbanks is the perfect closing pitcher

Fairbanks allows very few hits and runs, meaning opponents will have a tough time scoring with him on the mound. He is a strikeout machine and is also great in pressure situations.

The only downside of Fairbanks it's his low stamina. However, this is normal for closing pitchers.

Yordan Álvarez

Álvarez hitting stats are out of this world. No matter if you are a right or left-handed pitcher, Álvarez will make contact with your ball, and send it to the outer rim.

He has insane power and contact against left or right-handed pitchers. His clutch attribute is also pretty high. This means that no matter the pitch you throw, Álvarez will hit the ball.

Mlb The Show 23 Yordan Álvarez
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Yordan Álvarez's hitting stats are truly astonishing!

However, Álvarez isn't only astonishing at the plate. He is also a great infielder, with a strong arm, quick reactions, and point-point accuracy. Not only can Álvarez score plenty of points, and load many bases, but he can also prevent many runs.

So, make sure to try both these cards out if you have the chance.

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