MLB The Show 23: Diamond Duos 16

MLB The Show 23 Diamond Duos 16

MLB The Show 23 Diamond Duos 16

San Diego Studios can't stop adding exciting new content to MLB The Show 23. The game received new programs, card series, and packs in the past few days. Most fans have been loving the content since it provides them with new ways of entertainment inside the game.

The latest pack to arrive at MLB The Show 23 was the Diamond Duos 16 pack. Just like every other Diamond Duos pack, it introduces two incredible players. Both these cards have a 99 OVR and possess great attributes and quirks. Because of that, many fans are eager to get them on their Diamond Dynasty squad.

So, without further ado, let's find out everything about Diamond Duos 16.

Diamond Duos 16

The Diamond Duos 16 pack has already arrived at Diamond Dynasty and is available in the Show store. The standard pack costs seven thousand five hundred Stubs. As for the choice edition pack, it costs forty thousand Stubs.

As mentioned above, there are two 99 OVR players in the Diamond Duos 16 pack. They are closing pitcher Aroldis Chapman, and first basemen Ji-Man-Choi. These players possess great attributes and will be a major upgrade for most squads.

Aroldis Chapman

Chapman is one of the best closing pitchers in MLB The Show 23. He is incredibly fast, with only one of his pitches not reaching 90 mph. The Kansas City Royals pitcher also throws plenty of different pitches. This is very useful, especially when playing ranked games.

Diamond Duos 16 Aroldis Chapman
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Aroldis Chapman is a closing pitcher you want to have in your squad!

With a 99 HR/9 and 125 K/9, not only does Chapman allow very few home runs, but he also strikes out opponents regularly. Furthermore, he doesn't allow many hits and has an extremely high clutch stat. Chapman is the perfect pitcher to close out a game and guarantee you plenty of victories.


While Chapman is among the best closing pitchers in MLB The Show 23, Ji-Man-Choi is one of the elite first basemen in the game. The South Korean player has some astonishing batting stats, accompanied by decent fielding attributes.

Choi is really strong against right-handed pitchers. He has 116 contact and 115 power versus them, making it easy for him to send the ball flying out of the stadium. His high clutch attribute means it's easy for him to make contact with the ball, no matter what pitch is thrown his way.

Diamond Duos 16 Ji-Man-Choi
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Ji-Man-Choi is a player no pitcher wants to face off against!

When it comes to his fielding attributes, Choi has good reactions and field awareness. His throws are also decently accurate, but his arm is not that strong.

It's at the plate that Choi really shines, but as an infielder, he is more than competent. So, make sure to at least try out his card if you have an opportunity to do so.

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