eBaseball: Power Pros - Brand NEW game launches

eBaseball Power Bros

eBaseball Power Bros

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Konami has today announced the arrival of WBSC eBaseball: Power Pros, a brand baseball game arriving on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation store.

Konami and the WBSC have teamed up to provide new, fun and exciting ways to enjoy baseball and expand the love of the game to millions of fans – with new events set to be added throughout.

Check below for everything you need to know about the brand new game.

eBaseball: Power Pros

eBaseball: Power Pros is a brand new game from Konami and WBSC that will aim to expand the love of baseball to a whole new type of fan.

The game sees you assemble a team and take on the rest of the world in online matchplay.

The game features are simple, but Konami have promised to introduce new and exciting events throughout the cycle, much like they have with the similarly named eFootball.

Take on the World

eBaseball: Power Pros will see you take on the world with your newly created team.

With the ability to customise your team with over 300 original characters, this game truly allows you to make your team feel as if you've built it from the ground.

eBaseball Power Pros
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BATTER UP - This brand new baseball game is available to play now

Players can assemble their team of batters, catchers, and pitchers to compete in online matches against rivals from all over the world.

Mix and match different players with different stats to find the winning formula.

Once you’ve assembled your team of sluggers compete online in matches with friends or online competitions like Championship Mode with rivals from all over the world.

Release Date and Price

eBaseball: Power Pros was released on Thursday, February 9 on the Nintendo eStore and the PlayStation Store.

The game is available for just $0.99, making it super cheap and accessible for a brand new wave of baseball fans.

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