Minecraft Legends COUNTDOWN: Release date, time, and more

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Minecraft Legends has a release date coming up soon and fans of the original are excited to see the direction that Mojang will now take. Players will have to defeat the piglins in this new game mode who have escaped to the Overworld.

The action strategy game will play similarly to the first Minecraft but with even better biomes, a new storyline, and more options. With a release date coming out this month, it's not long that Minecraft fans will have to wait to get themselves back into the action again.

With a standard and deluxe edition, there are plenty of options for players already. So, let's look at the expected release date for Minecraft Legends, which will keep players happy until Minecraft Update 1.20 arrives!

Minecraft Legends COUNTDOWN

Here is the countdown for the release of the game so you don't miss a thing!

Minecraft Legends COUNTDOWN

Minecraft Legends release date

The expected release date for the hugely popular gaming series is April 18 2023. So far, there have not yet been any pushbacks with this date and there isn't expected to be any either.

Minecraft legends gameplay
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BUILD IT UP - Creating a base is key to Minecraft Legends

So, we're looking at a release date in a couple of days. This gives players just enough time to question whether they can truly become a Legend, or not.

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Release Times

Minecraft Legends has also had the release time revealed for many regions.

Depending on your region, this will look a little different due to time zone changes.

Piglins in Minecraft Legends
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OINK OINK - The Piglins are coming!

But, here are some popular time zones and when the game will be released...

  • 5 pm BST
  • 9 am PT
  • 12 am ET
  • 11 am CT

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Is The Game Free?

Minecraft Legends is not a free game to play unless you pay for the monthly Xbox Games Pass subscription.

The standard version of the game will cost players $39.99 and the deluxe version will cost much higher at $49.99.

Minecraft Legends Deluxe Skin Pack
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The deluxe version comes at an added cost due to the extra Deluxe Skin Pack DLC which is included at release.

Included in this extra skin pack is...

  • one hero skin
  • four mount skins
  • an additional mount skin when it becomes available post-launch

But, if this extra skin pack was missed, it can be purchased later on for an extra $14.99.

The pre-order for the game is also still open and this can be purchased through the official game's website.

But, it can also be purchased on your console's store too.

What Platforms Will Minecraft Legends Be Released on?

Minecraft Legends will be available for most consoles currently on the market.

So, the release will be on Playstation, Xbox, PC, and even the Nintendo Switch.

The real-time strategy element of the game definitely makes it feel much better suited for a smaller console like the Nintendo Switch.

However, we expect it to be just as successful on other platforms too.

Exploring the vivid world of Minecraft with plenty of Biomes, creatures, and new content is sure to be a great way to spend your free time.

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