Minecraft: Can you tame ocelots?

Ocelot Minecraft
Credit: Minecraft Wiki

Ocelot Minecraft
Credit: Minecraft Wiki

Can you tame ocelots in Minecraft? The answer might seem obvious to some, but if you're new to Minecraft, it may not be so simple.

Minecraft has been one of the most popular games in the world since it launched in 2011 and it's not just about building structures in the virtual world.

Other aspects such as the zombies which come out at night and the animals which roam the map make this world so vibrant and alive. You'll have probably seen ocelots while exploring the map, but can you tame them?

We've got everything you need to know about taming ocelots in Minecraft right here!

Can you tame ocelots?

In short, yes, you can tame ocelots in Minecraft. Doing so, though, is far from simple, there are several steps that are required to tame an ocelot.

You'll first need to get your fishing rod out and collect 20 raw pieces of fish to feed the ocelot you want to tame. You'll be able to find fish in any river or the sea and either cod or salmon will do for this task.

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Credit: Mojang Studios / Xbox Game Studios

Next up, you'll need to find an ocelot, which can be found in any jungle area on the map. If you're struggling to identify an ocelot, you can see one in the screenshot above.

Once you've found an ocelot, you'll need to wait for it to approach you rather than the other way around. Crouch and wait for the big cat to come closer to you.

Offer a piece of fish to the ocelot by right-clicking. You'll need to be patient for this, as ocelots may not accept the fish straight away, but it will in time.

Keep feeding the ocelot until red hearts appear above its head. This will signify that the creature has been tamed by you. Ocelots are quite solitary creatures, so they won't roam next to you, but they'll also never be too far away.

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