Will GTA 6 be able to live up to the Hype?

There are very few guarantees in gaming but one that fact that most gamers would stick their neck out to bank on is Rockstar absolutely delivering on every game they release and GTA 6 should be no different. It's become a thing of legend in the industry as they maintain an unusual amount of anonymity during the development of their games.

This formula has clearly worked as they are a powerhouse developer that anyone worth their salt would want to work for. When it comes to GTA 6, is it possible that the hype beast has grown to uncontrollable levels? Are even the mighty Rockstar Games going to struggle to produce a product that meets the expectations of its rabid fanbase?

Radio Silence

Despite multiple leaks and teases identified by the community, Rockstaar has maintained complete radio silence in regards to GTA 6. This is no surprise but in doing so, it's allowed the imaginations of their fan base to get... creative.

If you step into any online arena where the topic of discussion is what's next for Grand Theft Auto, then many people already have a good idea of what GTA 6 looks like, or so they believe. These aren't exactly small details either, take the setting, for example, you won't find many fans who aren't convinced that we're heading back to Vice City, the GTA version of Miami.

This particular bit of information now has a considerable amount of evidence to back it up but to begin with, it was just a slither of information that the community absolutely ran with.

Could you imagine the utter cries of rage if GTA 6 ends up taking us somewhere we've never been? Or, better yet, what if just a small slice of the game takes place in Vice City and they're getting ready to pull a Metal Gear Solid 2 character switch on us.

The More You Know

As fun as it is to see passionate fans create these sprawling webs of logic to come up with their predictions for GTA 6, whether it's letters discovered in Red Dead Redemption 2 or shaky camera footage of an 'alpha build' of the game, it's starting to create this ominous feeling of dread.

When the official reveal happens, I imagine that a part of the fanbase will just let out a huge sigh of relief and praise whatever content they're given, but what about that section of the community who had fallen victim to the hype?

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There is always the risk that if the leaks and rumours don't line up with the final product, people will be unhappy. I'm still of the opinion that Rockstar will deliver an incredibly polished and blockbuster quality product, however, the shine could be taken away by the months, no... YEARS of possibly false and misleading information that's come out about the game.

Fortunately, responsible media outlets always take this information with a pinch of salt and perhaps the community has taken note of this now given how long the saga has endured. The best thing you can do as a fan of the franchise is give Rockstar the time and space they need and have faith that they'll once again deliver the goods.

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