How to complete In Truth's Steps Part 3

How to complete Genshin Impact In Truth's Steps Part 3
Credit: HoYoverse

How to complete Genshin Impact In Truth's Steps Part 3
Credit: HoYoverse

Genshin Impact's In Truth's Steps Part 3 event is finally available, and we can now embark on the last challenge of the mini-event. This final part of the event is about solving the mystery of a leave permit left behind in the box during the A Parade of Providence event. In this final story puzzle, we must answer three questions correctly to solve the mystery and obtain the in-game rewards.

In Truth's Steps: Part 3 is the third and final part of the Haravatat Darshan's mini-game series. This mini-game challenges players to solve a mystery by analyzing a story narrated by Bahar, the event organizer. Get ready to put your deductive capabilities to the test and pay attention to the narrated story. However, if you're not up for the challenge, don't worry we've got you covered.

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Listen to Bahar's Story

We will once again need to approach Bahar, the event organizer, and carefully analyze her story. Gathering clues and information is essential to answer her questions correctly.

Genshin Impact Bahar
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This time, the story revolves around the Wisdom Gala competition held in Sumeru, which has just concluded. In the scenario, all participants have been granted a 3-day vacation as a reward.

However, there seems to be a problem with one of the leave permits. After listening to Bahar's story, we must analyze the scenario and ask her some questions to get more clues.

Answers to In Truth's Steps Part 3

Once you have all the necessary information, click on Find the Truth in the bottom right corner of the screen to complete the challenge. The questions require us to use our deduction skills to understand what happened and why one permit was left in the box.

  • Question: And the current status of the leave permits is?

Answer: All the leave permits are with those who should have them.

  • Question: Did everyone take a leave permit?

Answer: Everyone took a leave permit.

  • Question: Why was one leave permit slip left in the box?

Answer: The person who took that slip took the box too.

In Truth's Steps: Part 3 Rewards

By successfully answering all the questions, players will uncover the truth behind the mystery and earn the following rewards:

  • Primogem x30
  • Gala Excitement x100
  • Hero Hero's Wit x3
  • Nagadus Emerald Fragment x3
  • Guide to Praxis x4

Completing the final challenge of In Truth's Steps requires careful analysis, deduction, and attention to detail. You can enjoy this mini-event's exciting story and obtain valuable in-game rewards by successfully solving the mystery.

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