Genshin Impact Yao Yao LEAKS - abilities, passive & constellations Revealed

genshin impact update 3.4 yao yao

genshin impact update 3.4 yao yao

Genshin Impact 3.4 will introduce the first Dendro healer, but surprisingly she is not from Sumeru, Yao Yao, a little girl with a bunny who learned martial arts with Xiangling.

Yao Yao is nowadays Ganyu's assistant and an Adeptus disciple under the mentorship of Madame Ping.

Yaoyao's abilities have been revealed thanks to data miners' leaks, and we bring you all the details.

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Genshin Impact Yaoyao Release Date

Yao Yao is one of the new characters that will debut in Genshin Impact 3.4. The leaks indicate she will be part of the first banners that will go live on January 18, 2022, but we will have to wait for Hoyoverse Confirmation.

Yaoyao Abilities Leaks

She is a little girl that always travels with a vegetable basket and a bunny called Yuegui. Yao Yao's bunny is a present from the Adeptus Cloud Retainer.

Yao Yao will be a 4-star Dendro Polearm user in combat with healing capabilities based on her max HP.

Normal Attack

Yao Yao is the first chibi character that uses a polearm, a fast attack weapon. Yao Yao performs up to 4 consecutive spear strikes in her Normal Attack Combo.

Charged Attack
Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to lunge forward, dealing damage to opponents along the way.
Plunging Attack
Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging opponents along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.

Elemental Skill: Raphanus Sky Cluster

Yao Yao calls Yuegui, her bunny companion, to the field. The skill will have a press and a hold mode. Then, Yuegui will throw white radish that will inflict Dendro DMG and heal allies.

  • Yuegui Throwing Mode Duration10s
  • White Jade Radish Duration5s
  • Cooldown 15s
Enters Aiming Mode to adjust the throw direction.
Yuegui: Throwing Mode
Throws out White Jade Radishes that will explode upon hitting characters or opponents, dealing Dendro DMG to opponents within a certain AoE, and healing characters within that same AoE based on Yaoyao's Max HP. If a radish does not hit either an opponent or a character, the radish will remain where it is and explode on contact with a character or opponent, or will explode after its duration expires. Yuegui: Throwing Mode will choose its radish-throw targets. ·If all nearby characters have more than 70% HP remaining, it will throw the radish at a nearby opponent. ·If nearby characters have 70% or less HP remaining, it will throw a radish at the character with the lowest HP percentage remaining. If no opponents exist nearby, Yuegui will throw White Jade Radishes at characters even if they all have more than 70% HP remaining.

Elemental Burst: Moonjade Descent

Yao Yao and Yuegui will enter the Adeptus, becoming stronger.

  • Yuegui will multiply himself and the white radishes.
  • Yao Yao's speed will increase, and her attacks will reduce 50% of Enemies' Dendro Resistance.

Cooldown: 20s

Energy Cost: 80 Particles

Elemental Burst
Adeptal Legacy: ·White Jade Radishes generated will be changed to heal and deal DMG according to this skill. Explosions will heal all nearby party members, and the Dendro DMG that they deal will be viewed as Elemental Burst DMG. ·Summons "Yuegui: Jumping Mode" at intervals until their limit has been reached. The behavior of this version of Yuegui is the same as that of "Yuegui: Throwing Mode" in the Elemental Skill, Raphanus Sky Cluster. A maximum of 3 Yuegui: Jumping Mode can exist at any one time. ·Yaoyao's Movement SPD is increased by 15%. ·Yaoyao's Dendro RES will be increased.
The Adeptal Legacy state will end once Yaoyao is off-field, and all Yuegui: Jumping Mode will be cleared once this state ends.

Yaoyao Constellations in Genshin Impact

Yao Yao's first constellation is very interesting, in addition, to healing and dendro application. The withe radishes will restore the stamina of the characters in the field.

The rest of the constellations will focus on her DMG, Dendro Application, and Elemental Mastery.

Constellation Number
C1 - Adeptus' Tutelage
When White Jade Radishes explode, active characters within their AoE will gain 15% Dendro DMG Bonus for 8s and have 15 Stamina restored to them. This form of Stamina Restoration can only be triggered every 5s.
C2 - Innocent
While affected by the Adeptal Legacy state caused by Moonjade Descent, if White Jade Radish explosions damage opponents, 3 Energy will be restored to Yaoyao. This form of Energy regeneration can occur once every 0.8s.
C3 - Loyal and Kind
Increases the Level of Raphanus Sky Cluster by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
C4 - Winsome
After using Raphanus Sky Cluster or Moonjade Descent, Yaoyao's Elemental Mastery will be increased based on 0.3% of her Max HP for 8s. The maximum Elemental Mastery she can gain this way is 120.
C5 - Compassionate
Increases the Level of Moonjade Descent by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
C6 - Beneficent
When Yuegui: Throwing Mode throws out a White Jade Radish, there is a 50% chance that it will throw out a Mega Radish that will have a larger AoE than the standard White Jade Radish and have the following effects upon exploding: ·Deals AoE Dendro DMG based on 75% of Yaoyao's ATK. ·Restores HP for the active character based on 7.5% of Yaoyao's Max HP. Every Yuegei: Throwing Mode can throw out a maximum of 2 Mega Radishes.

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