Genshin Impact Thunder Crash Beidou Event Leaked

A new leak details a new Genshin Impact coming to the game this July called Thunder Crash.

Rumors are that the event will allow players to unlock Beidou for free if they earn enough of two different types of Event Currency.

Genshin Impact Thunder Crash

Supposedly starting on July 21st, Thunder Crash would last for 4 weeks and feature a new challenge each week.

The first three sets of challenges will earn players Storm Sleet, while the fourth challenge will earn players Crackling Crystal.

Beidou will be available in the Event Shop for 1000 of each type of currency.

There are not many other details available concerning what the challenges will be, what other rewards will be available, and what incentive there is for players who already have a C6 Beidou to participate in the event.

With the release of Kazuha coming, the event may have to do with Kazuha and Beidou, the former being a part of Beidou's crew in the Crux Fleet.

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Rumors and Leaks

All this information should be taken with a grain of salt, as there is no guarantee miHoYo has plans to release this content any time soon.

While information suggests Thunder Crash will happen during Genshin Impact 1.6, it may well happen anytime between now and Genshin Impact 2.0, when the mainland of Inazuma is expected to arrive in the game.

Until the event is actually released, fans can do nothing but speculate and eagerly await the arrival of the Uncrowned Lord of the Ocean and her Crux Fleet of ships to carry them away to an adventure.

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