Genshin Impact Leak Reveals Fontaine Twin City Structure & Concept Art

A leaked image of Genshin Impact Fontaine speedway
Credit: @memetrollsXD on Twitter

A leaked image of Genshin Impact Fontaine speedway
Credit: @memetrollsXD on Twitter

It feels like only a few days ago when Genshin Impact fans excitedly ascended the highest peak of Sumeru's desert, straining their eyes to catch a glimpse of the gleaming Fontanian city in the distance. With Genshin Impact's Version 3.8 approaching its last legs, Fontaine looms ever closer on the horizon.

To the surprise of many fans, an anonymous leaker took it upon themselves to release over 1GB worth of concept art overnight, showcasing gorgeous scenery filled with lakes and rivers, as well as expansive underground realms. Additionally, leaks suggest that Fontaine will feature a unique twin-city structure, which deviates from the convention of previous nations that typically have only one major city.

Amidst the immense excitement surrounding the arrival of 18 new characters in the highly-anticipated Fontaine update, Genshin Impact players are also filled with anticipation to know more about the region that they will soon be immersed in!

Fontaine’s twin-city structure

Based on conversations with Fontaine NPCs in past quests, the nation of water seems to be a centre of art, culture, technology, and bureaucracy (that last one’s not so fun). Amidst the NPCs' complaints about the seemingly endless array of ever-changing rules and regulations, Fontaine is mainly known for its vested interest in technological development, especially through the production and use of machinery. Most of this machinery features clockwork mechanisms, hinting at a steampunk aesthetic that seems to draw inspiration from the Industrial Revolution in England and the Belle époque era in France.

A leaked image of a city in Fontaine
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Credit: Anonymous leaker
Leaked image of a city in Fontaine

In that vein, recent leaks from HutaoLover77 reveal that Fontaine will include a twin city structure, inspired by the two popular European capitals - London and Paris.

A screenshot of HutaoLover77's tweet on Genshin Impact Fontaine's twin city structure
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Credit: HutaoLover77 on Twitter
HutaoLover77 on Genshin Impact Fontaine's twin city structure

In response to one of TeamChina’s leaks, HutaoLover77 tweeted:

Fontaine has a twin-city structure
London and Paris
An era where steampunk and technology coexist
There will be conflict between these two cities

It appears that the design of the two cities will draw inspiration from two themes: steampunk and technology. Genshin fans have expressed their excitement regarding the Traveller's involvement in the dynamics between these cities and speculate whether their primary objective will involve resolving the conflict.

Fontaine concept art

More concept art of Fontaine has been released by credible leaker @memtrollsXD on Twitter, featuring gorgeous landscape scenery filled with lakes, rivers, and waterfalls, as well as underground realms and dungeons.

A leaked image of Fontaine scenery
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Credit: memetrollsXD on Twitter
Leaked image of Fontaine scenery
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During the conclusion of the Genshin Impact 3.7 Special Program event, HoYoverse treated fans to a surprising short teaser. It featured Aether, the Traveller, swimming through what appears to be an underwater realm. The leaked concept art aligns with this, considering that Fontaine is represented by the element of Hydro. Players can expect that a substantial portion of the region will be submerged, introducing a host of exciting new gameplay mechanics!

Fans have made notable observations regarding the "clean" and somewhat unsettlingly "utopian" design of one of the Fontainian cities (based on what has been revealed so far). Much of the city features a predominant colour scheme of white and gold, often associated with the concept of "purity." It is worth mentioning that Focalors, the Hydro Archon that rules over Fontaine, presents herself as a paragon of justice and righteousness, claiming to be "pure", flawless, and faultless.

Interestingly, Fontaine also contains an underground realm, reminiscent of the Paris catacombs. Speculation suggests that this underground area might serve as a massive prison facility, intended to confine the guilty.

A leaked image of Fontaine's underwater realm
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Credit: Anonymous leaker
Leaked image of underwater realm in Fontaine

Other concept art pieces depict vibrant underwater cities, which are most likely where the local merpeople and/or remaining oceanids live.

Genshin Fans have shared their excitement for the unique twin city structure of Fontaine, drawing parallels with Zaun and Piltover, which were both vividly brought to life in Riot Games' animated series, Arcane. In addition, keen fans have found similarities between the speedway in Fontaine and the intense atmosphere portrayed in the Hunger Games series when the main characters approach the "Capitol" by train. This intriguing similarity further enhances the Fontanian city's eerie ambience.

In Genshin Impact, the debut of a new main region is always a momentous event as it heralds a plethora of fresh content for players to discover. As the release of Fontaine draws near, fans can anticipate HoYoverse to gradually unveil more information about the Hydro region, along with new in-game mechanics.

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Stay tuned for all the latest leaks and updates on this highly-anticipated region release!

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