Pirates of the Caribbean is Coming to Fortnite Soon

Jack Sparrow in Fortnite

Jack Sparrow in Fortnite

Since the beginning of Season 3, there have been rumors that Pirates of the Caribbean will arrive in Fortnite. It’s been confirmed to be coming soon, alongside plenty of leaks showing off what’s included.

If you would rather wait to see what new content will be arriving as part of Pirates of the Caribbean in Fortnite, then stop reading after the release date section below, as we’ll dive into the leaks in detail.

Fortnite Pirates of the Caribbean Release Date

Despite all the rumors and leaks, there was no definitive release date until it was accidentally released early; the Fortnite Status post on X confirmed the Cursed Sails Pass will be released on July 19. It also confirms it will arrive as an extra pass, similar to the Metallica one currently in the game, although leaks suggest there will be much more coming

All Pirates of the Caribbean Fortnite Leaks

The most concrete leaks have come from Hypex and ShiinaBR, both of which were on X. On top of the aforementioned Cursed Sails Pass, new skins, including Davy Jones, Captain Barbosa, and Elizabeth Swann, will arrive in the store alongside backblings, emotes, and more.

The Cursed Sails Pass will feature 11 tiers, unlocking various goodies along the way, including Jack Sparrow himself and the Jar of Dirt emote, famously seen in the second film. If leaks are to be believed, the season will cost 1000 V-Bucks, which is in line with how much they usually are.

The map will also change according to ShiinaBR with the Black Pearl appearing, and if you fire up the game now you can already see the location where it will arrive near Restored Reels.

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