Fortnite - Who Plays The Origin?

It is pretty incredible how far Fortnite has come since its original release just five years ago. It has expanded from a modest PvE game to one of the biggest battle royales in the entire world. In that time, it has crossed over with tonnes of unique franchises and put out a story that spans years. The Origin is just one step in the future of the game. Here's what we know about them so far.

Who voices The Origin in Fortnite?

Over on their official Twitter page, Rahul Kohli announced they were the voice of The Origin. This has been teased for quite some time and many had guessed it was the voice of Rahul Kohli before the official announcement. This is their first time voicing a Fortnite original character but it may point to more potential crossovers in the future.

Being an NPC in-game, you can meet up with him to get started on some unique missions.

Who is The Origin?

We've had hints as to The Origin's identity for a little while. He was the former Cuber King in the Last Reality and we saw his symbol in the Sanctuary.

He is a member of The Seven and is focused on taking down The Imagined Order. He and his group team up with the other loopers to defeat their shared foe. He is an ally but his intent may not be all that obvious right now.

It seems likely that The Origin, alongside members from The Seven, are going to be recurring characters in the Fortnite universe as the game continues to expand and the story gets even bigger. Watch his dialogue and actions now as that will likely point at the future of the story.

If anything changes in-game, we will update you right here as it happens.

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