Where to Find the Weapon X Lab in Fortnite

Weapon X Lab in Fortnite

Weapon X Lab in Fortnite

As part of the Magneto challenges in Fortnite, players must visit the infamous Weapon X Lab from the comics. Fortunately, finding the lab is quite simple, but it’s important to swing by to unlock the master of magnetism.

The Lab, if you’re unsure, is where Wolverine and many other mutants from the comics have been experimented on in an attempt to make them weapons. Its appearance always further supports the leaks suggesting the next Season in Fortnite will be Marvel-themed again, offering another version of everyone’s favorite mutant - it also ties in nicely with the upcoming release of Deadpool & Wolverine.

Where is the Weapon X Lab

Weapon X Lab location in Fortnite
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To find the Lab, players simply need to travel to the location marked on the map above. It’s just south of Grand Glacier, on the side of one of the mountains. Something has broken out, ripped apart the entrance, and the doors torn up and scattered through the snow — once inside, the area has also been destroyed with claw marks noticeably on the walls.

There is nothing inside the note, and once you’re in, you will get a prompt on the left side of the screen confirming that the challenge is complete.

This is the first sign of what’s coming next in Fortnite, with more Marvel characters on the horizon. For more helpful guides, check out our Fortnite homepage, where we’ve already covered how to Mod vehicles, use the Hook Tow Cannon, and all weekly challenges.

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