Fortnite x Hulk Skin to be released IMMINENTLY with additional cosmetics

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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 is here and with it comes plenty of awesome content in-game.

Chapter 4 will also bring us the hotly anticipated Winterfest 2022 event in celebration of the festive season.

Before then, however, will be another instalment of an Epic x Marvel collaboration with a Hulk skin set to be made available very soon.

So, take a look at the Hulk skin and all of the additional cosmetics that come with it along with when you can unlock the character set below.

Hulk x Fortnite

The Hulk skin is described as the "monstrous alter ego of Doctor Bruce Banner". The main style is just as you'd expect - a giant green monster in the classic ripped trousers.

The alternative style is a more unique option for Hulk, showing the character wearing some torn-up robes and a gadget on his right wrist, as you can see below.

This is not a Battle Pass skin, so you will have to head to the Fortnite Items Shop and pay a fee in order to unlock the Hulk character set, which will include both variants of the Hulk skin.

Be warned though, early footage of the Hulk skin in-game depicts an absolutely giant character, only made bigger by the ridiculously sized pickaxe that comes with it.

Release Date

The Hulk skin and additional cosmetics will be added to the Fortnite Items Shop within the next couple of days.

The specific release date has not yet been officially confirmed by Epic but leaks point towards the Marvel character set hitting the shop on Thursday, 8 December.

Additional cosmetics

The Hulk skin comes with a number of add-ons in Fortnite.

If you chose to purchase the full Hulk character set, you will receive the following additional cosmetics:

  • Gamma Chamber Back Bling
  • Demolisher Pick Axe
  • Hulk Smash Emote
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HULK SMASH - Epic has treated us with this awesome character set

The Gamma Chamber Back Bling comes with an optional reactive animation which appears on the screen when you eliminate an opponent.

The Hulk Smash Emote is a really cool one and to the surprise of many is not exclusive to Hulk himself, meaning you can carry it out with ANY Fortnite character!

From what we understand, the Warning: Gamma Rays Spray is not yet included in a Hulk bundle so make sure to look out for a challenge that will allow you to unlock it in-game.

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