When will Football Manager 2023 release on PS5?

Playstation 5

Playstation 5

Football Manager 2023 has arrived, at least for most people.

Now, after a lengthy delay, Football Manager 2023 is finally coming to PS5.

With that in mind, we want to take a look at when Football Manager 2023 could show up on PlayStation 5.

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PS5 Release Date CONFIRMED

The highly-anticipated launch of Football Manager on PS5 has finally been announced, with the game set to arrive on Wednesday, 1 February.

Despite an original release date in early November, FM23's launch on PS5 was delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Upon its release on the platform, all PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive a 20% discount when purchasing the game.

Offer ends Tuesday, 14 February at 3pm GMT.

Read more about FM23 on PS5.

When will FM23 Release on PS5?

Football Manager 2023 on PS5 was due to release alongside all other editions on November 8.

However, Sports Interactive took to Twitter to announce some disappointing news for PS5 players.

Football Manager 2023 PS5
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BITTER BLOW - FM23 on the PS5 has been delayed

In a statement, Football Manager boss Miles Jacobson said the following:

"We're devastated by this outcome, which we have worked tirelessly with our partners for a number of weeks to try to address. It was especially difficult to make the decision to delay, as it involves holding back a great game which a number of talented people within SI have worked tremendously hard on for quite some time. We will continue to do everything in our power to get this game into the hands of PS5 gamers as soon as we can."

Sports Interactive has confirmed the decision has been made due to unforeseen complications which have arisen during the submissions and approvals process.

Football Manager 2023 on the PS5 now does not have an official release date.

NEW Console Features REVEALED

When Football Manager 2023 does eventually drop on PS5, there will be a number of new features arriving.

These features will also be available on the Xbox version of the game.

New features specifically coming to the Console version are:

  • Matchdays - They will have a more 'hands-on' feel, with new radical menus to better influence the match
  • Touchline Tablet - Has been remodelled to be the go-to place for match actions
  • Out of Possession Tactical Instructions - Changes introduced in FM23 are incorporated into the FM23 Console version
  • Team Talks - Added to a console edition for the first time and available at half-time and full-time
  • Recruitment Focuses - An evolution of the Assignments previously available, will make recruitment more accessible
  • Dynamic Manager Timeline - Track your progression as a manager with highlighted milestones and achievements

Take a more in-depth look at the FM23 Console new features here.

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