When is Women's Football Coming to Football Manager?

Football Manager Watford women

Football Manager Watford women

Major changes have been announced for the future of the Football Manager franchise, with Football Manager 2024 slated to be the last of its kind.

Major changes are coming to the future of the game and many are wondering whether women's football will be a part of that.

For some time, women's football has been rumoured to arrive in Football Manager and we're pleased to say that time has finally come.

Check below to find out when women's football is coming to the Football Manager franchise.

Women's Football in Football Manager

Women's football has been confirmed to arrive in Football Manager 2025, with SI Gaffer Miles Jacobson confirming this in a recent statement.

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CHNAGE IS COMING - Big changes are coming to the FM franchise

The statement reads:

The FM25 cycle will also see the long-awaited introduction of women’s football to the Football Manager series.

Jacobson cited legal issues for the long delay since SI announced their intention to integrate women's football into the game, but at least we now know when it will be added.

In the blog post on FootballManager.com, Jacobson confirmed that key figures from the women's game are advising them on its integration, with more details set to be shared soon.

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EARLY STAGES - Motion capture has started on the women's football project

As of now, we're not sure which leagues and teams will be added as part of women's football expansion but we would expect it to be a similar size database for what we've seen in the main build of the game for many years.

Football Manager 2025

The integration of women's football isn't the only major change coming to the future of Football Manager, with a brand new game engine set to arrive in FM25.

The graphics debate has swirled for some time in the FM community and things look set to change majorly once a new engine, Unity, is introduced.

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BRIGHT FUTURE - Big things are coming to the FM franchise

Unity is behind games like Cities Skyline and will majorly overhaul what we presently see in the Football Manager series.

As with women's football, these new changes will come into effect once Football Manager 2025 releases, with both features set to be absent from the upcoming Football Manager 2024.

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