FM24 Mobile: Release date, features, & more

FM 24 Mobile: Release Date, Features, More

FM 24 Mobile: Release Date, Features, More

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As we build closer to the launch of Football Manager 2024 mobile, we get more excited with new reveals on what the new title holds.

Football Manager 2024 has had a load of new announcements this year getting the world excited to play the new game. With new partnerships affecting mobile players this year we have a lot to cover about FM24 Mobile this year!

Football Manager Mobile 2024

Currently, we only have information out for the PC version of FM24 which has laid out a roadmap of features that will include many tactical changes that fans have been asking for over the past couple of years, with updates being made within set-piece overhaul and the potential addition of tactics evolving in and out of possession.

We will have the official reveal of Football Manager 2024 Mobile on 23 October for both FM24 Mobile and Console and then the 30 October for FM24 Touch.

FM 24 Mobile
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We can expect to see a stripped-down version of the full PC FM24 game available on mobile, with options available. However, new additions to FM24 will likely be available over all platforms.

FM 24 on Netflix Games

News broke out that FM24 Mobile will now only be available exclusively through Netflix Games. This partnership could be beneficial to many Football Manager players who already have an existing Netflix membership as they will now be able to get free access to playing Football Manager while on the move.

This partnership makes Football Manager available for more players through Netflix's global reach allowing more players than ever to create their first Football Manager saves. However, if you don't have a Netflix subscription it means you CAN'T play Football Manager 2024 Mobile.

There will be four new languages now in FM24 allowing for there to be a bigger reach of people who can now play this game in their own languages. Only one language so far has been announced being Japanese as we predict the J League will join FM 24.

FM Mobile release date

Football Manager 24 Mobile is available from 6 November 2023 through Netflix Games.

Players will be able to start playing the game on mobile through the Netflix app where they will have to have a Netflix subscription to play the game.

FM 24
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Can I play FM24 Mobile through Netflix on PC, TV, or games consoles?

No, you can only play Football Manager 2024 Mobile through the Netflix app on iOS and Android devices. You will not have the option to play FM24 Mobile through the Netflix websites on PC, Smart TV, or any game consoles.

New FM24 updates

As provided by Sports Interactive we can see dates on new information that will be coming out about Football Manager 2024. We can expect to see improvements or new additions within:

Transfers, Offloading players, Players targets, FMFC Blogs, Set Pieces Refresh, Football motion and authenticity.

FM 24
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We have a load of new information coming out in the very near future so make sure you stay up to date with RealSport101 for the latest Football Manager news!

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