FIFA 21 is bringing back FUT Player Days once again

FIFA 21 Ultimate is bringing back the FUT Player Days promo, but what does that mean for gamers?

We've got all the details to answer that question for you.

What are FUT Player Days?

We've seen FUT Player Days in FIFA Ultimate Team in previous years, and generally it means plenty of top-notch special cards will be available.

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PLAYER DAYS: The player-focused promo has happened before

Following What If, this promo is meant to honor the players of FIFA 21 and give back, providing free packs and exciting cards for your FIFA Ultimate Team.

FIFA 21 released FUT Player Days at 6pm GMT on Monday, 8 March, and it could see more coming by Friday, 12 March.

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Will FUT Player Days affect the market?

One of the things a lot of players are also preparing for is that FUT Player Days will have a major impact on the FUT Transfer Market.

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FREE PACKS: The quality of the pack depends how often you play

When FIFA 21 gives away so many highly rated cards and discounts to players, it inadvertently causes a major shakeup in the trade market for those cards.

This could means some of the most valuable or highly sought after cards right now become available in abundance, significantly affecting their value on the FUT Transfer Market.

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