RealSport101 FIFA Advent Calendar - Day 18

RealSport Advent Calendar Day 18

RealSport Advent Calendar Day 18

There is just a week to go until the big day and our FIFA advent calendar continues to count down the days until Christmas by revealing some of our favourite players.

Squeezed behind door number 18 and having to duck his head as he passes through, this giant forward was awesome!

RealSport101 Advent Calendar - Day 18

Showdown cards add a bit of jeopardy to investing in a player, but sometimes they will be class even without the upgrade.

That was the case for this big man, who also got the +2 to become insane!

Showdown Wout Weghorst - FIFA 22

EA can quite rightly be accused of recycling the same old players time and time again when handing out special cards, but that was definitely not the case when Burnley's Wout Weghorst was picked for a Showdown SBC version!

At 6'6" there aren't many built like him in the game and the boosted stats he was given were outrageous, even before earning the upgrade.

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There was nothing this guy couldn't do in attack, with 90+ pace, shooting, dribbling and physicality, and top passing too.

Although clearly not a meta player (something that doesn't bother me) many people just couldn't ignore this incredible card and had to add him to their side.

The Burnley v Everton game also turned out to be a cracker, with The Clarets coming from 2-0 down to win 3-2, which added a bit more spice to the upgrade Weghorst gained.

He stayed in my main FUT side for the rest of the season and is one of the best cards I've ever used.

As soon as someone with similar attributes is released in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team you'd better believe they're going straight in my side!

Play Your Own Way

Much is made of having meta players in Ultimate Team, but if there is one thing that always comes up when getting advice from pros, it is to play your own way.

The meta is almost always using fast and agile players, however, if your playstyle is better suited to swinging crosses into a big man, then do that!

Going against your natural way of playing the game can often result in worse outcomes, so stick to what you know and like, refine it, and make it the best style you can.

I love playing with cards that don't necessarily fit the meta and you can surprise your opponent by using a player they don't usually come up against.

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