Is Pro Clubs cross-play on FIFA 24?

fifa 23 pro clubs

fifa 23 pro clubs

With the FIFA 23 game cycle in a bit of a lull right now, fans are beginning to look towards the next title in the series - FIFA 24.

Well, it's important to understand that FIFA as we know it will not be named 'FIFA 24' anymore. Instead, it will now be named 'EA Sports FC', following the well-documented split between FIFA and EA Sports after ongoing licensee fee issues.

Fans will be glad to know that their beloved game mode, Pro Clubs, will be returning for the new game alongside the most popular modes in the FIFA series including Ultimate Team and Seasons.

But will cross-play be available in Pro Clubs in the next title? Find out below.

Is Pro Clubs cross-play on FIFA 24?

FIFA leaker @FUTZONEFIFA has revealed plenty of new information regarding EA Sports FC 24, including details about the changes coming to Pro Clubs in the new game.

Pro Clubs players have been crying out for EA to implement cross-play compatibility in the game mode since before the release of FIFA 23.

With most other popular video games snow supporting cross-play, the FIFA community was left bemused when it was not available in Pro Clubs this year.

Well, it looks like that is about to change, with Pro Clubs in EA Sports FC now leaked to receive cross-play compatibility.

EA Sports FC 24
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A NEW ERA - EA Sports FC arrives in 2023

It's important to remember that this is only a leak right now and nothing has been officially confirmed by EA Sports just yet.

FUTZONE has confirmed that EA are struggling with the implementation, but issues are expected to be ironed out once the game launches later this year.

The rumours suggest that EA could follow up the leaks with an official announcement soon.

FIFA 24 Release Date

As alluded to earlier, we're not actually looking forward to a FIFA 24 release date but now an 'EA Sports FC' release date - the title of EA's new footballing sim, set to arrive in 2023.

FIFA has assured fans that a FIFA 24 game will be made but we do not know what this will look like as of yet as the organisation is still looking for a developer.

Predicting a release date for FIFA 24 is impossible right now.

ea sports fc la liga
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COMING SOON - LaLiga highlights will be available in EA Sports FC

As far as EA Sports FC goes, we could see a release date of around mid to late September, in keeping with the FIFA titles that have gone before.

Our early prediction for the release date of EA Sports FC is Friday, 29 September 2023.

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