FIFA 23: New UNSTOPPABLE corner routine guide

fifa 23 neymar psg

fifa 23 neymar psg

Set-pieces are the ultimate leveller in football and in FIFA 23.

Each year, as gameplay updates come and go, certain overpowered set-piece routines are developed and spread amongst the FIFA community, especially within Ultimate Team.

We all remember the back-post corner routine that became a staple in everybody's game in FIFA 22 before EA decided to patch the technique.

Well, following the recent patch, we've discovered a game-breaking corner routine that could rival the notorious method from last year's title.

Custom Tactics

In order to make this corner tactic work effectively, the first thing you need to do is to alter your custom tactics slightly.

All you'll need to do is make a couple of simple custom tactics presets that will allow you to carry out the corer routine with no hiccups.

Simply head to the 'Offence' section of the 'Tactics' menu within the custom tactics and change 'Corners' and 'Free Kicks' to one.

fifa 23 custom tactics
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TACTICAL MASTERCLASS - Custom tactics are the key to success

This preset is integral to making sure the players are set up in the correct positions for the corner routine to be perfected.

We would also suggest turning 'Timed Finishing' on. Timed finishing significantly increases the success rate of the corner kick routine, but it is not a complete necessity if you are not comfortable with hitting a green-timed finish.

You can turn timed finishing on by heading to the 'Customise Controls' section in the main settings menu and scrolling down to where it says 'Timed Finishing'.

Corner routine guide

Now the boring stuff is out of the way, let's get into bagging goals.

This FIFA 23 corner routine may not seem too simple on the surface, but once you have got the hang of it is incredibly easy to carry out consistently.

fifa 23 corner psg neymar mbappe
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SECOND MAN - The 2nd man is integral to the corner routine

Here's how it's done:

  • Whilst the pre-corner kick animation is running, hold R1/RT in order to spawn the second player short.
  • This should set you up just as you can see in the image above.
  • Pass the ball to the player that has come short.
  • Immediately turn and use a driven pass to send the ball back to the player in the left-back position - this is the player that is further back than the one on the edge of the box.
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  • Take one touch and then perform a rainbow flick with this player.
  • Immediately hit a power shot on the volley from outside the penalty area and watch the ball fly into the back of the net.

It really is that easy.

The rainbow flick can be performed by flicking the right analogue stick back and then forward in the direction the player is running.

The power shot can be performed by clicking R1/RT, L1/LT and O/B at the same time.

Take it to the next level

Now, as we previously alluded to, to take this to the next level you'll need to master the green-timed finish.

Hitting the power shot volley with a green-timed finish will significantly increase the success rate of the routine.

Many of you will already be comfortable with hitting a green-timed finish, so all you need to do is combine that skill with the rainbow flick and the power shot.

fifa 23 nuno mendes psg
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UNLEASH THE BEAST - Green-timed shots unleash a ferocious strike

To green time shots, you will need to initiate the second press of the shoot button, O/B, at the moment right before the player connects with the ball.

The green-timed power shot creates a dipping animation on the strike which seems to make it impossible for the opposition goalkeeper to save.

If you can master the green-timed power shot you will be scoring goal after goal from the corner flag in FIFA 23.

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