Earn rewards for EA FC 24 with this SBC!

Haaland EA FC 24

Haaland EA FC 24

EA Sports FC 24 is not far away and EA is releasing Objectives and SBCs during their Pre-Season promo to help you in the new game.

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FIFA 23 Ultimate Team players can gain an early advantage in EA FC 24 by completing these new releases and here's what to do!

New Era II Objective and SBC

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Pre-Season loading screen

This is the second release of the New Era Objective and SBC, which has allowed FIFA 23 players to earn rewards ahead of the new game.

The objective is quite simple, with the requirements being to 'Complete the New Era II SBC three times.'

Players have been given nine days to complete this Objective, and every FIFA player will be able to do so.

What is the New Era II SBC?

The New Era II Squad Building Challenge is available for all players on FIFA 23, and every player should be able to complete it, as it is one of the easiest SBCs in the game.

Similar to the New Era I Squad Building Challenge, players have to complete a squad of 11 players, with the player quality as Exactly Bronze.

The cheapest bronze players on the transfer market are 200 coins, so each SBC should only cost you 2200 coins.

New Era II SBC Solution
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New Era II SBC solution

With the objective requiring the New Era II SBC to be completed three times, you will have to complete it for three days in a row, meaning altogether you should only be spending 6600 coins on them.

However, most people have bronze cards in their club so it could be even cheaper!

What rewards does the New Era SBC II give?

By completing the New Era II SBC you will be rewarded in FIFA 23 and EA FC 24!

You will receive an 84+ player pick in the current game each time you complete the SBC, and in EA FC 24, you will receive the New Era Pack by completing the objective.

The pack contains a 2 Rare Gold Players Pack, a Base Hero 5 Game Loan Pack, and a Coin Boost. All of which are untradeable.

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