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The FUTTIES promo is well underway with Team 1, Team 2, Team 3, and Team 4 already released over the past 4 weeks. Team 5 has also finally arrived at the game, and it brings some great cards.

The famous FIFA 23 promo FUTTIES is known for its pink cards, and for players who possess some spectacular attributes and are quite fun to play with. It's worth noting that, FUTTIES Team 5 marks the end of the program.

We now have the official FUTTIES Team 5 squad with fantastic players. So, without further ado, let's take a look at these stars!

FUTTIES release dates

FUTTIES Team 5 was released on 18 August, at 6:00pm BST. It expires one week later on 25 August 2023.

Until then, players have plenty of challenges and missions to complete. These cards will surely make it easier to complete them, and will also help players achieve a good number of wins in Fut Champions.

FUTTIES Team 5 team

Benzema (99 OVR)

Hero FUTTIES Benzema is the best card in team 5, and one of the best in the entire FUTTIES promo. The prolific French striker is incredibly fast with 97 pace, very strong with 97 physical, and has a splendid finishing ability with 99 shooting.

FIFA 23 FUTTIES Team 5 Benzema
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Marcus Rashford (98 OVR)

The Man United superstar winger is the second-highest-rated player in FUTTIES Team 5. He is lightning-fast and can speed past opponents with ease, thanks to his astonishing 99 pace.

Rashford is also able to easily dribble past defenders, or find teammates with a great pass. He is a great card to have in your squad.

FIFA 23 FUTTIES Team 5 Marcus Rashford
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Alisson (98 OVR)

The Brazilian goalkeeper is among the best in the world, and this card reflects just that. With 97 diving, 99 reflexes, and 98 positioning, even the best strikers in the game will struggle to score against him.

FIFA 23 FUTTIES Team 5 Alisson
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David Ginola (97 OVR)

French legend David Ginola made many people fall in love with football. The Tottenham Hotspur and Paris Saint-Germain legend was pure class on the pitch.

With this card, Ginola becomes one of the best wingers in FIFA 23, even if just for a week. He has an incredible 97 pace, 98 dribbling, and 96 shooting.

FIFA 23 FUTTIES Team 5 David Ginola
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Florenzi (97 OVR)

Alessandro Florenzi is one of the best Italian players of his generation. He is known for being a very versatile player, and a great defender. These stats reflect just that, with Florenzi having 93 defence, 95 pace, and 96 passing.

FIFA 23 FUTTIES Team 5 Florenzi
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Jay-Jay Okocha (96 OVR)

Jay-Jay Okocha is considered by many the best African football player of all time. With a splendid dribbling technic, Okocha would get past his opponents using spectacular moves. So, it's no wonder he has 99 dribbling.

FIFA 23 FUTTIES Team 5 Jay-Jay Okocha
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Robbie Keane (96 OVR)

Robbie Keane is a premier league legend and a player that found it pretty easy to put the ball in the back of the net. He was also very strong, using his physique to get a positional advantage over defenders.

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FIFA 23 FUTTIES Team 5 Robbie Keane
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Araujo (96 OVR)

A great defender, that is also very dangerous in set pieces, Araujo has quickly become one of the top defenders in world football. His card has great attributes, such as 95 Physical, 94 pace, and 96 defence.

FIFA 23 FUTTIES Team 5 Araujo
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Falcao (95 OVR)

In his prime, Falcao was one of the best strikers in the world. The F.C. Porto legend could score from everywhere, with his headers being almost impossible to stop. So, his 96-shooting seems more than appropriate.

FIFA 23 FUTTIES Team 5 Falcao
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Mertens (95 OVR)

Mertens might not be at the peak of his game, but he is still an elite winger. The Italian player was always known for his agility, speed, and goalscoring ability. He is a Napoli legend and is on track to become one at Galatasaray as well.

FIFA 23 FUTTIES Team 5 Mertens
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Javier Mascherano (95 OVR)

Last but certainly not least, we have Argentian legend Javier Mascherano. Mascherano was a key part of Barcelona's success in the 2010s.

A great defender, and one of the best CDMs of his generation, Mascherano is a football icon. He has some great attributes, such as 97 defence, 94 Physical, and 91 pace.

FIFA 23 FUTTIES Team 5 Javier Mascherano
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