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FUTTIES Team 1 and Team 2 promo has finally returned to FIFA with the latest release being on 21 July, 2023.

The famous promo FUTTIES is known for its pink cards with fun boosted cards to play with in Ultimate Team. With the addition of many new SBCs, objectives, and, players to pack, this promo marks the endgame of FIFA 23 alongside Cover Star Icons.

We look forward to predicting which players we will receive in Team 3 of FUTTIES and when they will be released.

Latest- FUTTIES Team 3 is already in packs

Despite the release date for the FUTTIES Team 3 being Friday, 4 August at 6:00pm BST, all the cards are already available in packs.

Many players have already packed several different Team 3 FUTTIES cards. However, you can't use them yet, as an error occurs when you try to play a match with them on your squad.

FUTTIES Team 3 Sancho
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Credit: berkalog

We expect EA to act quickly about this problem, taking the cards from packs as fast as possible. Also, don't expect to be able to play with these cards until Friday 4 August at 6:00pm BST.

All eight players have been revealed. They are Neymar, Gabriel Jesus, Al Owairan, Capdevila, Diego Carlos, Carvajal, Sancho, and Ruben Neves.

FUTTIES Team 3 release date

FUTTIES Team 1 was released on Friday, 21 July at 6:00pm which expired when Team 2 was released.

FUTTIES Team 2 has started as of Friday, 28 July 2023 at 6:00pm BST. and will run until Friday, 4 August.

FUTTIES Team 3 has not started yet, however, the cards are already available in packs. This is something that happened accidentally, and that EA is currently trying to fix.

Team 3 were predicted to be released once FUTTIES Team 2 expired on Friday, 4 August at 6:00pm BST.

Neymar is the best card in Team 3

As leaked almost 1 week ago, and now confirmed, FUTTIES Neymar will be coming to FIFA 23 soon. We had previously speculated that this card would be a part of FUTTIES Team 2, however, with Messi in that squad EA decided to save Neymar for Team 3.

This FUTTIES Neymar card below will be one of the most expensive FUTTIES cards in this entire promo

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Team 3 cards

As predicted by @FUTBIBLE_1, Team 3 sees another 2 heroes joining the FUTTIES promo. In Team 2 we saw the addition of FUTTIES Yaya Toure (97 OVR) and Diego Forlan (95 OVR). This time, the heroes are Al Owairan (97 OVR), and Capdevila (95 OVR).

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Credit: Via @FUTBIBLE_1 on Twitter

Alongside new Hero cards, we have a 99-rated Neymar as previously mentioned, Sancho (96 OVR), Gabriel Jesus (97 OVR), Diego Carlos (95 OVR), Carvajal (96 OVR), and Ruben Neves (95 OVR).

These cards are among the best in the game, and will surely help plenty of players upgrade their squads.

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