FIFA 23 FUTTIES Season Pass: Vinicius, Jota and Kent!

FUTTIES is finally here, while we approach the end game of FIFA 23 we have one final massive promo that everyone has been waiting for. With news breaking out that FUTTIES will be live at 6:00pm (BST) on Friday, 21 July we can expect to see numerous information and leaks dropping over the next day.

The EA Sports FC deep dive is also here, giving EA FC fans across the world an insight into the most dynamic and authentic game yet.

But for now lets focus on the all new FIFA 23 free FUTTIES via the season pass.

FUTTIES season pass

98 Vinicius - 5* 5*

FUTTIES Vinicius!
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FUTTIES Vinicius!

Vinicius Junior looks to have his highest every FIFA card through this FUTTIES promo. A +3 upgrade on his TOTS card which is priced at 1,23 million coins. FUTTIES Vinicius Junior is set up to be the most enjoyable FIFA 23 card out there at the moment.

96 Jota - 5* 5*

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Diogo Jota joins FUTTIES for the first time with a +4 upgrade on his Fantasy FIFA card. Also upgraded to 5 star skills and 5 star weak foot, this card looks like a lot of fun with the underrated statistic of 88 physicality it will be hard for any defender to get Jota off the ball.

95 Kent - 5* 5*

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Newly transferred Fenerbahçe star Ryan Kent is back. With a FUTTIES upgrade this year, Kent seems to always have an insane card every FIFA that users are scared to play against. Upgraded to 5 star skills and 5 star weak foot, possessing 98 pace, 95 dribbling and 90 shooting Ryan Kent is really setting the standards high for this FUTTIES promo.

FUTTIES season pack

How do I get these FUTTIES cards?

To collect FUTTIES Kent, Jota or Vinicius Junior you will have to progress through the levels of XP in Season 8 FUTTIES. The required amount of XP is required for these players.

futties season pass
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Ryan Kent (or 25 84+ players pack)

Level 20: 16,500 XP needed

Diogo Jota (or 30 84+ players pack)

Level 30: 26,500 XP needed

Vinicius Junior (or 1 of 5 90+ TOTY/ FB/ TT/ SS Icons)

Level 40: 36,500 XP needed


FUTTIES is a highly anticipated promo in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, known for its exciting features and unique pink cards. It marks the grand finale for Ultimate Team and is celebrated by fans for its enjoyable batch of cards.

The promo includes bright pink cards and introduces "premium chemistry FUTTIES," similar to FUT Heroes, allowing players to link with others in the same league for new squad-building options.

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FUTTIES will be released on Friday, July 21 at 6:00pm BST, featuring "Best Of" squads with some of the year's best cards.

Community voting plays a part, determining card upgrades, and players can complete Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) for elite cards.

Speculations suggest player pick dynamic images may be introduced, customising pink cards.

With more information dropping on FUTTIES everyday, be sure to stay up to date with the latest information on RealSport101.

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