FIFA 23: First title to add the Hijab in-game!

EA Sports have finally released the FC 24 Ultimate Team deep dive with a live stream on YouTube that lasted 6 and a half minutes long showcasing everything new and updates in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team.

However, it is not EA FC 24 we are writing about, it is FIFA 23 due to a huge new addition that has been added due to one very special player.

At the 2023 Women's World Cup Nouhaila Benzina was the first player to wear a Hijab in the World Cup - a fantastic step in world football.

Hijab added to FIFA 23

In a significant leap towards inclusiveness and representation, EA Sports has integrated the hijab into FIFA 23. This momentous addition to the game carries profound importance, as it pays homage to Nouhaila Benzina, who scripted history as the first player to wear a hijab during her appearances at the World Cup.

Nouhaila Benzina, an athlete from Morocco, etched her name in the chronicles of football history when she graced the World Cup stage adorned in a hijab. Her courage and dedication have not only inspired millions but have also prompted EA Sports to make a poignant statement by introducing the hijab as an option in FIFA 23.

Nouhaila Benzina FIFA 23
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This groundbreaking move underscores the commitment of both Nouhaila Benzina and EA Sports towards fostering diversity and embracing the rich tapestry of football. By ensuring that players of all backgrounds are authentically represented, FIFA 23 sends a powerful message of unity, equality, and respect.

The inclusion of the hijab in FIFA 23 is not merely a virtual adaptation; it stands as a testament to the influence of real-world athletes who challenge norms and transcend barriers. Nouhaila Benzina's momentous step, echoed by EA Sports, underscores the game's ability to mirror the ever-evolving landscape of football and the pivotal role it plays in advocating for change.

As FIFA 23 takes a stride towards greater representation, it undoubtedly reinforces the notion that football is a unifying force that transcends cultural boundaries, a sentiment embodied by Nouhaila Benzina's historic choice and the subsequent recognition within the game itself.

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