FIFA 23: Cover Star Icon R9 SBC

FIFA 23: Cover Star Icon R9 SBC

FIFA 23: Cover Star Icon R9 SBC

The FUTTIES promo and Cover Star Icons promo have taken FIFA 23 by storm, and the buzz surrounding the game continues into the final month of the franchise before the release of EA Sports FC 24!

R9 is set to be the final instalment of what has been a great set of Cover Star Icon SBCs, where players have been able to get their hands on the best players in the game. We have already seen the likes of Ronaldinho, Rooney and Zidane, plus many more in recent weeks.

Players have been able to complete many of these SBCs with simplicity as we reach the endgame of FIFA 23, thanks to the release of the repeatable 84x10 and 85x10 SBCs, which has allowed gamers to recycle their duplicate pack pulls to get more packs.

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85x10 and 84x10 SBCs

Which FIFA cover was R9 on?

With Ronaldo featuring in a special edition of FIFA 18, where he was the cover star for the Icon Edition, the Brazilian qualifies for the Cover Star promo.

It may seem like EA is milking it with this one, but who can complain about an endgame R9 card?

It's likely that the SBC will contain over 20 separate tasks, similar to the Ronaldinho and Zidane Icon cards, however, these are fairly easy to complete thanks to the transfer market crash and repeatable SBCs.

Will he be any good?

The two-time Ballon d'Or winner will have a 99-rated card and is likely to have many stats at 99 too, so we reckon he will be pretty decent!

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R9 prediction - Credit: Criminal__x

Many of the Cover Star Icon SBC cards have been met with positive reviews, although EA's latest release of Zinedine Zidane caused some disappointment with players believing that he didn't feel great in-game.

Zidane SBC disappointment FIFA 23
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Credit: @DonkTrading

However, with a player like O Fenomeno, this could be the greatest card on FIFA 23, coming at a perfect time, with less than a month until EA FC 24's release date on 29 September.

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