Threat of Account Bans for Coin Exploiters



With EA Sports FC 24 so close, EA could be permanently banning players from even accessing the game due to a huge glitch in FIFA 23 this morning!

Some players noticed a flaw in the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team system today and have been exploiting it to earn an insane amount of coins on their accounts.

This is something EA doesn't take lightly, and the threat of permanent bans looms for those who made money from the glitch.

Coin exploitation in FIFA 23

FIFA fans were going crazy when news broke of one of the biggest mistakes in FIFA history took place.

Fans were submitting squads to their SBCs, however when completing them, the players that were added to the squad stayed in their accounts.

People noticed this floor and instantly started completing the biggest SBCs on the game, such as 99 FUTTIES Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

On top of that, when quick selling a player, players were being awarded the money, but not losing out on the player, meaning those involved were quick selling their highest quick-selling players and making millions of coins!


Twitter went into meltdown over this incredible glitch which saw players make incredible amounts of money in seconds, and the biggest FIFA pages were in on the action!


"SBCs are currently not taking the players you submit from your club!"

This post got over 2000 likes, and players were instantly jumping onto FIFA 23, to complete the SBCs in minutes, with no repercussions.

@FUTZONEFIFA was quick to joke about the situation saying, "How have EA managed an UNLIMITED coin and PACK glitch in September of FIFA 23."

What happened to the glitch?

The FIFA players who exploited the glitch were quickly stopped after EA patched it, however, they were still able to gain a huge profit from it.

At 10:18 am @EASFCDirect tweeted, "We are investigating reports of some players being unable to start matches in FIFA Ultimate Team, open packs, or use the FUT store and will provide an update in this thread when available."

This when then patched within 90 minutes, however, there was no mention of SBCs or coin exploitation.

@FUTZONEFIFA does believe that EA will act on the glitch though, and players who benefitted from the problem, could face bans.

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