FIFA 22 Summer Swaps Rewards: Redeem you tokens NOW

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The Shapeshifters promo has taken over in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, bringing some brilliant new cards to the game with their positions switched up.

To make the promo an even bigger event, another token swaps system called Summer Swaps has landed.

Find out everything you need to know about the Summer Swaps rewards right here.

Latest - Rewards go LIVE

You can now redeem your Summer Swaps Tokens for top rewards, with the SBCs going live on Friday, 8 July at 1pm ET / 6pm BST.

We are still waiting on quite a few more tokens to be released, but more than enough have already come out that you can start getting some top prizes!

Summer Swaps Release Date

The Summer Swaps campaign started on Friday, 24 June at 1pm ET / 6pm BST.

The swaps event will run until Monday, 25 July, so that will give you just over four weeks to amass as many tokens as possible.

Between Friday, 8 July and Monday, 25 July you will be able to redeem your tokens against the SBCs to earn your rewards.

What are Summer Swaps?

The Summer Swaps will act just like previous swaps systems.

Players can earn tokens as a reward for completing specific objectives and SBCs, and also by purchasing them from the FUT store and one as a login bonus.

There will be new Squad Building Challenges that require only those tokens to be used to complete them.

The more tokens needed to be traded in to complete the SBC, the greater the reward.

50 tokens will be made available, making it the biggest swaps event ever!

Summer Swaps Rewards

Fut Sheriff leaked them, and now the full Summer Swaps rewards are official!

18 prizes are on offer, with the rewards as follows:

  • 1 Token - 25x 82+ Rated Players Pack
  • 2 Tokens - 25x 83+ Rated Players Pack
  • 3 Tokens - 25x 84+ Rated Players Pack
  • 4 Tokens - Icon Moments Schmeichel
  • 5 Tokens - 20x 85+ Rated Players Pack
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  • 7 Tokens - Shapeshifters Player Pick (1 of 3)
  • 9 Tokens - 91+ EFIGS TOTS Player Pick (1 of 4)
  • 10 Tokens - Shapeshifters Kimpembe (92 OVR)
  • 15 Tokens - 93+ Shapeshifters Player Pick (1 of 5)
  • 17 Tokens - 95+ EFIGS TOTS Player Pick (1 of 5)
  • 20 Tokens - Icon Moments Cafu
  • 23 Tokens - 95+ Shapeshifters Player Pick (1 of 5)
  • 25 Tokens - 92+ Icon Moments Player Pick (1 of 3)
  • 27 Tokens - Shapeshifters Kimpembe (95 OVR)
  • 30 Tokens - 96+ EFIGS TOTS Player Pick (1 of 5)
  • 33 Tokens - Prime Icon Ronaldinho
  • 36 Tokens - 94+ Icon Moments Player Pick (1 of 4)
  • 40 Tokens - Icon Moments Zidane
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