FIFA 22: How many Winter Wildcards Tokens are there?

FIFA 22 has a new promo in Ultimate Team, Winter Wildcards, which has also seen Wildcards Swaps introduced, which act very much like Icon Swaps.

By trading in tokens via Squad Building Challenges you can gain additional rewards, including players and packs.

However, there has been some confusion around just how many tokens are available, so we're here to let you know.

What is Winter Wildcards?

Winter Wildcards is the latest promo event in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Available since Friday, 17 December, at the usual time of 1pm ET / 6pm GMT, it took over from the FUT Versus event.

It's a bit of a mixed-up promo, with the only consistent factor being the massive boosts given to players.

You will find that some players also received a position change, some an upgrade to their weak-foot, others their skill-moves, and even a change of their dominant foot altogether!

The new players are available in packs, but also via new objectives and SBCs, with additional rewards able to be gained through Token Swaps.

Winter Wildcards Swaps

The Winter Wildcards event will provide more than just a squad of special cards and new SBCs.

This winter we also have Wildcards Swaps joining the Icon Swaps in the objectives section of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

More swap tokens mean more opportunities to strengthen your club, and with Team of the Year right around the corner, it is a great time to save some high-value packs too!

How Many Tokens?

There has been confusion around how many tokens are available in the event, not helped by the wording EA used upon release:

Throughout the Winter Wildcards campaign you will have the opportunity to earn Wildcard Tokens. 24 Wildcard Tokens will be made available across various Squad Building Challenges and Objectives, plus one additional token will be offered in a pack in the FUT Store.

The important part to note is "plus one additional token", meaning that there are 25 Wildcard Tokens available.

This may change your planning for what rewards you want to trade in for, with an additional token giving you more options.

This "additional token" is likely the one received at the start of the event, just for logging into the game.

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