FIFA 21 drops more Man of the Match items

FIFA 21 has exciting news today as they revealed the new Man of the Match cards on instagram.

Let's take a hard look at every card from the line up and what you need to know about these new Ultimate Team Players in FIFA 21.

FIFA 21 Man of the Match

As the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League just finished up, EA has released some special cards in honor of those tournaments and others across Europe.

The cards will commemorate the best performers from leagues that are active at the moment, and will only be available for a short time.

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All Cards

EA released 9 intriguing players in this Man of the Match release, here's the biggest takeaways from each one of them.

N'Golo Kante, 91 OVR, Centre Midfielder

Chelsea's N'Golo Kante is the main attraction for this Man of the Match release. Kante was named man of the match in the Chelsea's Champions League final victory of Manchester City.

The Man of the Match N'Golo Kante item.
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BEST KANTE YET: This is the best version of N'Golo Kante so far in FIFA 21.

The midfielder boasts a 91 overall rating, with 90 defending, 86 physicality, and 85 dribbling. He also has 99 stamina, 97 balance, 95 reactions, and 95 interceptions.

The only real weakness for Kante is his 70 shooting rating, but other than that he should be an outstanding all around player for any Ultimate Team.

Geronimo Rulli, 84 OVR, Goalkeeper

Villarreal's goalkeeper Geronimo Rulli gets Man of the Match honors after his performance that helped secure the team's UEFA Europa Leauge final win over Manchester United. Rulli scored the winning penalty kick and then saved the following kick to win the game.

The Man of the Match Geronimo Rulli item.
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BRICK WALL: Geronimo Rulli should be able to lock down the net for any Ultimate Team in FIFA 21.

Rulli comes in as an 84 overall with 90 reflexes, 90 dribbling, 87 diving, and 87 pace.

He's lacking most with his 56 speed and defending ratings. However because he's a goalie, that shouldn't come into play too often on your Ultimate Team.

Lucas Piazon, 84 OVR, Right Winger

Braga's right winger Lucas Piazon is another powerful player in this drop that clocks in at an 84 overall rating. This is likely in response to his goal in Braga's win over Benfica in the Taca de Portugal Final.

The Man of the Match Lucas Piazon item.
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KEY PLAYER: Find out if Piazon can recreate his performance in the Taca de Portugal Final in FIFA 21.

Piazon's has all the makings of an offensive mastermind with his 87 passing, 87 shooting, and 86 dribbling. He's also equipped with 93 composure, 91 ball control, and 91 curve.

His low points are easily his 47 defending rating and 68 physicality.

David Ousted, 81 OVR, Goalkeeper

Hammarby's David Ousted is the second goalkeeper in this Man of the Match release and has an 81 overall rating. This comes after Ousted's shutdown performance in the penalty shoot out against BK Hacken in Swedish Cup Final.

Ousted is about as well rounded as it gets with all his major ratings except speed and defending being somewhere between 81 and 83. He could be a fantastic back up option for any FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

Michael Krmencik, 79 OVR, Striker

PAOK's stiker Michael Krmencik get a Man of the Match card after scoring the game winning goal in the Greek Cup Final against league champions Olympiacos.

Krmencik's 79 overall rating is highlighted by his 85 physicality and 82 pace. Even though he's a striker, his defending is particular awful at a 33 rating. His passing also leaves much to be desired at a 68 rating.

Dan Nistor, 79 OVR, Centre Midfielder

Universitatea Craiova's Dan Nistor is the next midfielder in this release at a 79 overall rating.

His best attributes are easily his 80 passing and 78 dribbling. He also has 99 stamina, 87 agility, and 85 reactions. Although, his 65 defending is a major hole in his game.

Julio Tavares, 79 OVR, Striker

Al-Faisaly striker Julio Tavares is the last 79 overall card in this Man of the Match drop.

His biggest strength by far is his 89 physicality. His shooting is pretty good to at an 80 rating. Hopefully, his elite physicality will make up for his 66 pace and 62 passing.

Pascal Shurpf, 76 OVR, Left Midfielder

FC Luzern's Pascal Shurpf is tied for the worst overall rating in the drop at 76.

However, he is pretty fast with 86 pace and also has an 81 physicality rating. The worst parts of his game are his 70 defending and 73 dribbling.

David Wotherspoon, 79 OVR, Centre Midfielder

St Johnstone midfielder David Wotherspoon is the last player in this drop and clocks in at a 76 overall rating.

Wotherspoon comes with some moves as he gets an 81 dribbling rating. His pace and physicality are decent too at 78 and 77 ratings respectively.

But, he could have trouble scoring with his 67 shooting.

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