FIFA 20: We don't believe FIFA Ultimate Team packs are gambling, claims EA

Earlier this year, the FIFA publisher was thought to have expressed 'concern' over a new law in the US that would ban the sale of Ultimate Team packs.

Speaking to Eurogamer, FIFA 20 creative Director Matt Prior revealed he was aware of the legislation, but claimed the company does not believe the controversial mode is gambling.

"I won't speak of any future plans, but what I will say is - I know there's legislation talking about some of these things, especially related to gambling - we don't believe that what we have in Ultimate Team is gambling" he said. 

"In fact there's organisations that stand by us that don't agree with that as well so, we know that that is happening in politics around the world. If, for some reason, we were deemed to not be legal, we'd obviously react to that.

"But what we put out every single year we stand behind and we don't think it's gambling, we think it's a fun form of engagement for people to be able to interact with a video game in a pretty cool way. It would be a shame if the world deemed it something else as far as we're concerned!"

FIFA 20 is scheduled to land on September 27 - and has its work cut out after last year's game was met with a mixed reception. 

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FIFA 20's Volta football is a new take on the popular FIFA Street

FIFA 19 saw the introduction of House Rules, refreshed tactics and timed finishing, but even so, EA was forced to release a series of patch updates to correct its faults since release. Things got so bad that the Bleacher Report re-reviewed FIFA 19 and dropped its review rating from 8.5/10 to 5.5/10.

We all hope that FIFA 20 can correct those flaws and become the game we know it is capable of becoming. Following EA Play at E3, the first news of FIFA 20 was released, with the big introduction being that of Volta Football – with the franchise revisiting street football for the first time since 2012.

You can see Gfinity’s pick of E3’s best games here.

All eyes are now on Gamescom in August, where EA traditionally reveals more details about Career Mode and the controversial Ultimate Team.

Before then, we’ll likely see new FIFA 20 gameplay trailers and well as hands on impressions.

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