INSANE Stadium Creator feature may be added to EA Sports FC 24

EA Sports FC 24 stadium creator

EA Sports FC 24 stadium creator

The hype surrounding EA Sports FC 24 is truly starting to build, with the game fully revealed and the branding starting to appear across the biggest leagues in the world.

With hype comes speculation, and it's no surprise that a whole new wave of EA Sports FC 24 leaks have surfaced on the internet following the announcement of a full re-launch.

Whilst some will remain fiction, there are little nuggets of truth that could be hiding in these leaks, and we want to shed some light on what is real and what could be fake.

With that in mind, let's take a look at a recent leak that has suggested that EA Sports FC 24 could implement a brand new stadium customisation tool, taking Career Mode and Ultimate Team customisation to the next level.

EA Sports FC 24 Stadium Builder

Career Mode, Ultimate Team and Pro Clubs players have all been calling for a proper stadium customisation tool to be added to FIFA, and EA may have just answered the call.

EA Sports FC 23 leak twitter
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LEAK CITY - EA Sports FC 24 is already getting the leak treatment

According to prolific leaker FUTZONEFIFA on Twitter, a brand new stadium customisation tool will be added to EA Sports FC, with the following elements able to be changed:

  • Attendance
  • Advertising
  • Structure

Whilst this is only a leak right now, it's no surprise that it's raised excitement levels in the community, with this tool offering an incredible range of customisation opportunities if it turns out to be true.

FIFA 23 Stadium editor
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YOUR ARENA - You can change certain elements of your stadium already in FIFA

A fully-fledged stadium builder could work across a range of modes, with the bare bones of something already active in FIFA 23.

You can build up your stadium in Ultimate Team already, and you can also alter colouring and some other basic aesthetics in Career Mode, if your club does not already have an authentic stadium.

The arrival of this new feature would be heavily welcomed by the community, with things like create-a-club and Pro Clubs taken to the next level as you truly form the identity of your club.

Major Step Forward

We all agree that EA Sports FC 24 needs to be utilised as a brand new start for EA and the swarth of leaks that have come out certainly seem to indicate that this will be the case.

Whilst many of the major modes will stay the same, making necessary change is key in ensuring that EA Sports FC is a success from the start.

A stadium builder may not seem like a massive addition, but it's something that the community has been calling for a while, with a little certainly going a long way.

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EA Sports FC career mode
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IMPROVEMENTS NEEDED - EAFC will hopefully take career mode to the next level

We know that the FIFA series hasn't shone in recent years when it comes to adhering to fans, but EA Sports FC could make an excellent first impression by implementing features like this.

Of course, as stated above, this is only a leak and nothing has been confirmed yet by EA or any other official sources.

Official information regarding EA Sports FC 24 features will be released in July, meaning there's not long to wait before we find out more about this brand new title.

EA Sports FC Leaks

Prolific leaker @FUTZONEFIFA has taken to Twitter to reveal a host of new information regarding FC 24, with news leaking for pretty much every feature you can imagine.

Here's a breakdown of everything leaked so far by FUTZONE:

EA Sports FC New feature leaks
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RUMOURED CHANGES - FUTZONE has leaked some major new features for EA Sports FC

As you can see, the main headline features centre around dynamic packs and cross-play coming to Pro Clubs.

Cross-play implementation for Pro Clubs has been wanted for some time and the arrival of this feature is set to please a wide range of players.

Something more controversial, however, is the confirmation that dynamic packs are coming to FC 24, with this feature rewarding those who spend money in the game.

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