EA Responds to Backlash Over Women in FUT

EA Sports has defended its decision of adding both male and female footballers to compete together in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team.

In a recent IGN interview with EA Sport representatives, the firm address concerns over toxicity in online gaming. EA Sports has also invested in new technologies to combat inappropriate behaviour.

EA Sports representatives state that fans can play kick-off mode for club v club matches, however, 'Ultimate Team is a fantasy'. Emphasising that it meant to be an enjoyable game mode for all.

50% of the game now added to Ultimate Team

EA FC 24, introduces a revolutionary feature that enables male and female players to team up and compete against each other in Ultimate Team, a mode known for its popularity and controversy. Women players are not disadvantaged in Ultimate Team, as their performance is determined by their attributes, height, and weight, rather than gender.

This means that renowned players like Chelsea superstar Sam Kerr can bring their exceptional ratings from leagues like the Women's Super League into the Ultimate Team, where they can hold their own against similarly-rated male counterparts.

Sam Kerr in EA FC 24!
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Sam Kerr in EA FC 24!

Critics within the FIFA community argued that mixing men and women in Ultimate Team goes against realism and authenticity, asserting that women players would struggle to compete with men.

However, EA Sports firmly believes that promoting women's football and uniting fans globally are pivotal goals. John Shepherd, VP and Executive Producer at Electronic Arts, emphasised the significance of the decision, stating,

'Ultimate Team is a great place to build your fantasy team with different nationalities, leagues, and clubs.'

Shepherd further highlighted the availability of the Kick Off mode, which focuses on real-life team compositions.

Sam Rivera, Senior Producer, echoed the sentiment that Ultimate Team is a 'fantasy mode' that enables users to create dream teams of players who would not typically play together in real life.

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While women players in FC 24 might generally have shorter and lighter physical attributes compared to male players, the game's mechanics ensure that equal attributes translate to equal performance. Agile gameplay and swift reactions play vital roles in determining a player's effectiveness on the virtual pitch.

Toxicity in EA FC 24

EA Sports recognises the concern about increased toxicity following the inclusion of women in Ultimate Team. The company has taken a strong stance against online toxicity and continues to prioritise creating a safe environment for all players. With an ongoing effort to combat this issue, EA Sports has dedicated a specialised team to monitor and address inappropriate behaviour, employing new services and technologies to enhance player safety and enjoyment.

As FC 24 approaches its September release, EA Sports remains committed to the inclusive vision of Ultimate Team and the ongoing battle against toxic behaviour. The company's initiatives aim to promote the growth of women's football, provide players with a fantasy experience, and ensure a safe and enjoyable gaming environment for all participants.

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