Will the National League be in EA Sports FC 24?

EA Sports FC 24 National League

EA Sports FC 24 National League

The hype train is gathering momentum as EA Sports FC 24 receives more and more official information.

With a trailer announced and our first look supplied, players are keen to discover which leagues and teams will feature.

As we know, EA is always looking for ways to expand its license portfolio and the National League could be a perfect contender for a new league to add.

With that in mind, we want to take a look at whether the National League will be added to EA Sports FC 24.

National League EA Sports FC 24

Right now, the National League has not been confirmed for EA Sports FC 24.

The license has been requested by players for some time, with fans of these clubs desperate to see their sides arrive in authentic form.

Vanarama National League
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NEW DIVISION - The VNL could be added to EA Sports FC 24

Major sides like Chesterfield and Oldham play in England's National League and introducing these leagues would also allow for true road to glory Career Mode saves to commence.

The league itself weighed in following the reveal of the EA Sports FC cover star, with their official Twitter account stating:

"Only playing if the National League is in it"

This Tweet was subsequently deleted, leading many to speculate as to whether these divisions could in fact be added.

EA Sports FC 24
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NEW ERA - EA Sports FC 24 lands in 2023

Adding the National League to EA Sports FC 24 would see three new divisions and over 50 new clubs added to the game:

  • Vanarama National League
  • Vanarama National League North
  • Vanarama National League South

There would no doubt be some amazing opportunities to take teams from the very bottom of the pyramid to the top, replicating a true road to glory save for Career Mode players.

What is the National League?

For those that don't know, the National League is made up of three divisions that sit below England's Football League.

They are effectively the 5th and 6th tiers of English football, with two regional divisions set below the National League umbrella.

Bath City away shirt
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INTO THE MAINSTREAM - Sides like Bath City ply their trade in the National League South

These divisions are made up of smaller clubs but ones with bright fanbases.

Teams like Oldham, formerly of the Premier League, feature in this league whilst recently promoted teams like Wrexham, Stockport and Notts County all drew major eyes to the product.

The National League is a thriving entity and its inclusion in EA Sports FC 24 would be a further heightening of its burgeoning popularity.

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