Rosický & Kanu added into EA FC 24 as HEROES!

EA FC 24 is getting closer and closer to the release date. With information dropping almost every day we are excited to find out more about the new title.

Following the comprehensive reveal and detailed pitch notes for EA FC 24, we are gaining a clearer vision of what this latest title has in store for us. The anticipation is mounting, and with every piece of information, the excitement grows.

Undeniably, one of the most thrilling aspects of the pre-release phase of EA FC is the introduction of new player cards, and today, we have some exciting news to share!

Tomáš Rosický & Nwankwo Kanu

Yes, that's right! Iconic footballers Tomáš Rosický and Nwankwo Kanu are now part of EA FC 24 as Hero cards. This announcement is sure to bring immense joy to Arsenal fans, as both players have left indelible marks during their time at the club.

Rosický (88 OVR)

Tomáš Rosický more recently, having joined Arsenal in 2006, dedicated a decade of his career to the club before bidding farewell in 2016. Now, in EA FC 24, he makes a glorious return as an 88-rated Hero card. Although Rosický played as a midfielder his entire career, EA has not revealed what position he will be in EA FC 24.

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Rosický is a HERO!

Kanu (87 OVR)

On the other hand, Nwankwo Kanu, an integral part of Arsenal's historic 2003/04 invincible squad, may have only spent five years at the club, but his contributions left an everlasting impact. After leaving Arsenal, the Nigerian football legend concluded his illustrious career at Portsmouth, where he featured in 143 league matches and scored 20 goals.

Kanu is a Hero!
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Kanu is a Hero!

With such legendary players joining the Heroes roster of EA FC 24, the anticipation for the game's release has reached an all-time high.

Fans worldwide eagerly await the opportunity to experience the thrill of playing with these football greats in the virtual realm of FIFA. The addition of Tomáš Rosický and Nwankwo Kanu as Hero cards has undoubtedly intensified the excitement.

For a list of all official Hero cards in EA FC 24 click here.

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