PlayStyles are RUINING EA FC 24

EA FC 24 PlayStyles

EA FC 24 PlayStyles

EA Sports FC 24 is finally here, and players are deep into early access, with the full release just days away.

We have a ton of content for you to get stuck into on our website covering all things FC 24, from best Evolutions players, to TOTW 2, and how to defend on EA FC 24, which many people are struggling with at the moment!

A major factor in this is PlayStyles, EA's newest feature replacing Traits in FC 24, and many players have expressed their concern about them. If you want to take a look at which football players have PlayStyles, then we have the Quick Step, Acrobat, and Rapid PlayStyles pieces for you to check out, but let's dive into why they are ruining EA FC 24!

What are PlayStyles in EA FC 24?

The new PlayStyles feature has debuted in EA FC 24, with the aim of giving players an added boost in certain areas of their game in which they excel. For example, POTM James Maddison has the Dead Ball PlayStyles+, which means he is considered one of the best in the world at set pieces.

Maddison EA FC
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James Maddison

If a player has a PlayStyles and not PlayStyles+, they will still receive a boost in whichever area of their game they have it, however, it won't be as effective.

This is where the problems begin to come in, with the best in the game being incredibly overpowered due to their PlayStyles, and PlayStyles+.

Community thoughts on PlayStyles

Many believe that defending in EA FC 24 is broken!

PlayStyles were added to FC 24 as a way of defining players' abilities, however, this has made cards without PlayStyles simply unusable.

Reddit user u/Acceptable-Ebb3485 said:

"They removed basic skillful defending and locked it behind Playstyles. Figure out what types of strengths you need at specific positions (blocks at CB, interceptions at CDM, etc.) and make sure your players have the needed Playstyle on their card or they simply will not pull off basic animations no matter how well you defend."

This means that players without certain defensive PlayStyles will not perform basic defensive movements, and that makes it very hard for players to use low-rated meta players in FC 24.

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Antonio Rudiger
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Antonio Rudiger

Gone are the days when you could use a gold CB worth 700 coins, and still defend if you as a player are a brilliant defender. You now need PlayStyles.

Another Reddit user u/Bdogg3000 replied:

"There's a similar issue in Madden for the last few years of needing certain abilities on your players to activate animations that were previously possible before the feature."

PlayStyles RUINING FC 24

With fans coming to the realisation that they will have to get the best players in Ultimate Team to be able to defend, this creates a large gap in who will and won't enjoy the game this year, unless something changes.

It seems as if EA is heading even further down the pay-to-win route, with players who have the best team in the game winning, meaning it's less about skill and more about who has the most PlayStyles in their squad.

This could obviously change, and we believe it will do, as we are only in the early stages of the game cycle, however, something has to be done about defending and allowing players who don't have these PlayStyles to still be able to function.

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