Will Benjamin Mendy be in EA FC 24?

With EA FC 24 quickly approaching, more and more information is being released about the new title dropping in September. Through a first full reveal and a pitch notes deep dive the hype of EA FC 24 is almost here.

There have been loads of new and confirmed leagues, clubs, new features and game mechanics.

With loads of new information comes new leaks and questions. One popular discussion that has risen is regarding a new player potentially being added back to EA Sports FC, Benjamin Mendy. As reported by Sky News, Mendy was charged and subsequently cleared of several allegations of sexual assaults in the UK.

Benjamin Mendy was named in our RealSport101 best young left backs to sign in FIFA 19 Career Mode. With almost 2 seasons out of the game, will Benjamin Mendy be able to pick off from where he left?

Is Benjamin Mendy in FIFA 23?

No, Benjamin Mendy is not in FIFA 23 as he was still under trial by the Chester Crown Court for allegations against the player which started in July, 25 2022.

Will Mendy return in EA FC?

Benjamin Mendy is set to return to EA FC 24 after being found not guilty for the charges of alleged assault put against him. The former World Cup winner has signed for Ligue 1 side Lorient after just 5 days of officially adjudged not guilty.

Mendy was released by Manchester City in June after his contract expired with the club, allowing Mendy to join Lorient on a free transfer.

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When did Benjamin Mendy get removed from FIFA?

Benjamin Mendy was removed from FIFA in FIFA 22 after news broke out about the assault allegations against the player. As of July, 14 2023 Mendy was released by the Chester Crown Court after being adjudged not guilty.

Who does Mendy play for?

Benjamin Mendy has signed a 2-year contract with Ligue 1 side Lorient. The club finished midtable in the 2022/23 season finishing in 10th place.

Mendy to Lorient is official!
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Mendy to Lorient is official!

Mendy has made it clear that his intentions are to get back into the professional game after being out of it for so long.

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