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FC 24 has dominated people's screens since its release, and players are loving the newest title from EA.

We have loads of FC 24 content for you to check out from guides to the Relentless Winger, and Golden Glow Up Evolutions, to the best squad for 500k coins, and all the latest promo news including TOTW 3, and Road to the Knockouts.

When it comes to gameplay, defending has been a key talking point so far in FC 24, however, have you ever wanted to dribble like a god? We have it all here for you, so let's take a look!

Master dribbling in FC 24

Dribbling has always been incredibly important when playing Ultimate Team and mastering it makes games much easier.

Work your way out of tight spaces, or wriggle past opposition defenders with ease, these tips and tricks will help you become a god at dribbling.

FC 24 dribbling
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Vini Jr.

Without further ado, let's take a look at the best ways to perfect dribbling in FC 24!

Controlled sprint

Let's start with the most important dribbling component of them all, the controlled sprint.

We have control guides for everything you need to know in FC 24, but the most OP dribbling mechanic this year is by far the controlled sprint, which is very simple to use.

All you have to press whilst running with the ball is R1/RB, and your player will glide across the pitch and be so agile when moving even the slightest bit, making it incredibly easy to run past defenders.

Mastering the controlled sprint will set you levels above anyone else!

PlayStyles for dribbling

EA introduced PlayStyles into FC 24 replacing the former Traits system, which we saw for many years in FIFA.

PlayStyles are designed to give the best players in the world at a certain 'play style' a boost to make them better than the rest, and utilising PlayStyles in FC 24 is so overpowered.

The Technical PlayStyle is the best when using controlled dribbling, so players with that will be very good at dribbling. Players like Lionel Messi, Aitana Bonmati, and Jamal Musiala all have this PlayStyle+.

Messi FC 24
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Lionel Messi

Other valuable dribbling PlayStyles to look out for are:

Skill moves

The main players that you will be dribbling with are your wingers, strikers, and attacking midfielders, which is perfect, as those are the most dominant positions of the five-star skill players in FC 24.

Although having players with five-star skills isn't absolutely necessary, it is beneficial to have at least one or two in your team.

If you are a player who doesn't use skills often, then here are a few simple moves, to help you dribble past your player easily.

  • Ball Roll - L1/LB + RS (left or right)
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Now this might seem simple but the ball roll is very effective. This helps create a yard of space before you either zoom off with your player or deliver a pass elsewhere and can catch defenders off guard. It can also be performed by every player in the game.

  • Lane Change - L1/LB +RS (Hold left or right)

The Lane Change is essentially an advanced version of the ball roll but is just as effective. When running with the ball, your player will quickly move the ball to either the left or the right side, depending on the direction you flick your RS, and can move you out of the way of an onrushing defender.

  • Reverse Elastico - RS (move left to right)

Moving to the five-star skills, and the Reverse Elastico is the best dribbling move for when you stop the ball. Performing this skill move will give you a yard of space from the defender guaranteed, if not more if you really fool your opponent.

FC 24
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Neymar Jr.

Take your skills to the pitch

These techniques aren't all very simple, so practicing will make you better, and there's no better way than practicing on the pitch.

The R1/RB dribbling is extremely overpowered on FC 24, and will likely get patched in a later update, so be sure to try it out before it's too late. This can be used with any player, and their dribbling will still be excellent even if their stats so otherwise.

The Technical PlayStyles can be found on cheaper options too, including Chloe Kelly, Florian Wirtz, and Eduardo Camavinga, all of which are less than 5,000 coins!

Chloe Kelly
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Chloe Kelly

Skill moves are the most advanced way of dribbling like a god, the final technique on the list to perfect.

Mix all three together, and you will be dribbling like a god in no time, winning games constantly!

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