How to Complete Showdown Kamal Miller SBC, Costs & Solutions

FC 24 Showdown Kamal Miller SBC Card Information

FC 24 Showdown Kamal Miller SBC Card Information

EA Sports has introduced the FC 24 Showdown Kamal Miller SBC, adding yet another great card from the Showdown collection that players can add to their squad.

This card can be very useful if you have an MLS squad, or are looking for an incredibly fast center-back.

So let's take a look at the fastest and cheapest way to complete the FC 24 Showdown Kamal Miller SBC.

FC 24 Showdown Kamal Miller SBC Cheapest Solutions

The Showdown Kamal Miller SBC gives players a chance to add the Canadian MLS center-back to their squad, which as mentioned above, it's great for anyone with an MLS squad.

This card has some spectacular attributes, such as 94 physical, 93 pace, 92 defense, and 83 passing. Furthermore, this Showdown Kamal Miller card also possesses some great PlayStyles, including five in the defending category.

FC 24 Showdown Kamal Miller SBC Card Attributes
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Credit: FC 24

The best part is that you only need to submit one squad to get your hands on this fantastic card.

Kamal Miller


  • TOTS or TOTW Players: Min. 1 in your Starting 11
  • Team Overall Rating: Min. 84


Kamal Miller SBC Squad Solution
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Kamal Miller


  • Showdown Kamal Miller SBC card

After you have submitted this squad, you will be able to add the astonishing Showdown Kamal Miller SBC card to your Ultimate Team squad, for around 41.4K coins.

Will you be completing this latest SBC? Let us know in the comments below!

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