FC 24 Prime Gaming Pack 10 Predicted Release Date & Rewards

FC 24 Prime Gaming Pack

FC 24 Prime Gaming Pack

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The FC 24 Prime Gaming Pack for July is next in line to offer eligible players some exclusive Ultimate Team rewards as they continue to build their dream squads before the game's cycle ends.

All the key details surrounding Prime Gaming Pack 10, including the predicted release date, expected rewards, and how to get it, are below.

Prime Gaming Pack 10 Predicted Release Date

Although an official release date for FC 24 Prime Gaming Packs isn't usually announced in advance, it is all but confirmed by the expiry date of Prime Gaming Pack 9, which in this case is Sunday, June 30.

With that in mind, based on previous drops, we predict Prime Gaming Pack 10 will be released on the same date or within the following 24 hours.

FC 24 Prime Gaming Pack
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Prime Gaming Pack

Pack 9 only dropped on June 17, but it seems as if players won't have to wait long until a brand-new set of rewards becomes available.

Eligible players can then claim the pack via the Prime Gaming website as long as they have linked their EA account with their Amazon account, which we will explain in more detail further down.

Prime Gaming Pack 10 Expected Rewards

Considering all FC 24 Prime Gaming Packs have included four sets of rewards, we expect Pack 10 to be no different when it arrives.

Aside from the player loan item, all other Prime Gaming Pack rewards have been the same so far, although the number of items included as part of each reward was increased in Packs 7, 8, and 9.

Here are the expected rewards for Prime Gaming Pack 10 based on the previous drop:

  • 8x Gold Rare Players (Untradeable)
  • 2x Player Pick with Min. 81+ OVR (Untradeable)
  • 12x Rare Consumables
  • 1x Player Loan
FC 24 Prime Gaming Pack
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Prime Gaming Pack

Random Hero and Icon players have featured in recent Prime Gaming Packs, with Pack 9 mixing things up by offering a TOTS player.

How to Get Prime Gaming Packs

The FC 24 Prime Gaming Packs are only available with an Amazon Prime account. For those who have one, you can link your Amazon Prime account with your EA account in no time.

  1. Ensure that the Amazon account you intend to link is the one you will have access to throughout the lifetime of your EA Account. If you switch Amazon accounts later, you may lose access to redeem loot on your linked EA Account.
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  1. Visit the Prime Gaming website and click on the 'Sign In' button at the top of the page. Make sure you are signed in to the Amazon account you wish to link with your EA Account.
  2. Return to the Prime Gaming homepage.
  3. Locate the loot you wish to claim and click on the 'Claim' button.
  4. You will be redirected to a new page displaying all available, past, and future rewards.
  5. Click 'Claim now' on the reward you desire.
  6. A screen will appear, showing your Amazon Prime account information. Confirm that the account for your content is correct. If not, click 'Switch Amazon account' to select the right one.
  7. Click 'Go to Electronic Arts.'
  8. You will be taken to a new page and may be asked to sign in to your Amazon account again. Be sure to use the same account you used in the first step and click 'Sign In.'
  9. You will be prompted to allow Electronic Arts access to your Amazon account. Click 'Allow.'
  10. Click 'Return to Amazon.'
  11. Finally, click 'Complete claim' to finish the process.

Will you be getting Prime Gaming Pack 10 when it's released? Let us know in the comments below.

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