FC 24 Make Your Mark Pascal Gross Objective Guide

Gross in FC 24

Gross in FC 24

Brighton midfielder Pascal Gross has received a new Make Your Mark card that can only be earned by completing certain in-game objectives. Below, we’ve outlined all the objectives you need to complete and a healthy look at the card.

The good news is that this card is completely free. The only thing it will cost is time, and considering how well-rounded it is, it’s going to be worthwhile.

How to Get Make Your Mark Pascall Gross in FC 24

Before completing the objectives to earn the card, it’s worth noting it can also improve depending on how they perform during the Euros. Below is the upgrade path for Gross:

  • Player makes tournament debut in the Euros = +1 Chemistry
  • For ATTs and MIDs - The player Achieves two Goals/Assists | For DEFs and GKs - The player Achieves two Clean Sheets = +1 OVR Upgrade
  • The player makes five appearances in EUROs = +1 OVR Upgrade

Gross is unbelievably versatile. He can play in various positions, which means he should be able to fit into a few different squads. Here are the challenges you need to complete to earn him:

Pascal Gross challenges in FC 24
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Box to Box

  • Score and assist a goal using players from the Premier League in 3 separate Squad Battle matches on Min. Semi-Pro (or in Rivals/Champions)
    • Reward: 80 x2 Rare Gold Player Pack

German Maestro

  • Assist 3 goals using a cross in Squad Battles on Min. Semi-Pro difficulty (or Rivals/Champs)
    • Reward: 81 x2 Rare Gold Players Pack

Play 6

  • Play 6 matches in Squad Battles on Min. Semi-Pro difficulty (or Rivals/Champs)
    • Reward: 81 x2 Rare Gold Players Pack

Winning Energy

  • Win 5 matches in Squad Battles on Min. Semi-Pro difficulty (or Rivals/Champs) while having Min. 3 players from Germany in your starting 11
    • Reward: 75 x5 Rare Gold Players Pack
gross in fc 24
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Once you have completed all of the above objectives, you can add a card to your squad that boasts 91 Pace, 93 Shooting, 94 Passing, 94 Dribbling, 89 Defending, and 86 Physical, alongside five-star weak foot. These stats make him one of the most complete players you can currently earn in the game and a must for any players who use a Premier League-heavy team.

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