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As much as we love it, playing FC 24 often comes with a lot of frustrations, whether it's down to bugs, glitches, or other technical flaws that leave us scratching our heads.

Saying that nothing can be as infuriating as packing a load of players who you simply don't want time and time again in Ultimate Team. FC 24 has been out for a few weeks now and there continues to be plenty of content to dive into, including Team of the Week 5 and the latest Themed Team Pursuit IV Objective.

However, that hasn't prevented some Ultimate Team fans from voicing their concerns when it comes to opening packs. Some of the pack results have been so disappointing and repetitive that it's prompted an angry response online, with several players appearing to have the same issue.

FC 24 pack weight... worst ever?

Reddit user u/adamski88 not only took to the platform to vent their anger at being unable to pack a player 85 rated or higher, but to ask fellow Ultimate Team fans if FC 24's pack system is the worst there has ever been.

"I literally can't even pack an 85. Got 2 jumbo rares from the assist objective etc, in both packs, 1 84 and the rest 83 and under. Stupidly bought one of those Trailblazer store packs, same thing...just a bunch of 83/82s. My pack luck is always terrible but usually get at least some fodder."
Rare double walkout
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Double walkout

Another user u/lloydholland100 also stated his frustrations:

"The answer is yes for me, real struggle atm for fodder or good cards. The highest value tradeable pull has been a shadow chem style lol. I need more objective cards to get a good squad."

It seems many fans are finding it hard to pack decent cards in FC 24, despite a huge influx of packs available every week through Weekend League, Division Rivals, and even Squad Battles, plus so much more.

Although u/jjlbateman seems to be having a better time when it comes to their pack luck.

"Disagree, very generous for me this year, it’s pure luck, dude."

The transfer market is saturated compared to what it once was and packing Messi, and certainly Ronaldo holds less weight than it used to.

What has your pack luck been like in FC 24?

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