EA Sports FC 24 Won't Feature Online Career Mode

EA FC online career mode
Credit: EA Sports

EA FC online career mode
Credit: EA Sports

Fans are expecting big things from EA Sports FC 24, with plenty of innovations and new systems to make it the best football simulator in the market. Sadly for a sizeable portion of the community, the dream of an online career mode in EAFC 24 might be over according to rumours.

EAFC 24 will have some massive updates to things like Ultimate Team, with the addition of female footballers to the mode and the ability to have a mixed FUT squad. Sadly, as it's been a regular occurrence, single-player modes will be neglected once again, even if the recently announced career mode changes look interesting enough to warrant at least checking the mode out.

Career mode used to be the crowning achievement of a new FIFA title. Unfortunately for those looking to experience the trials and tribulations of managing a team in a more realistic environment, career mode has been relegated to an extra feature for the past decade at this point.

No online career mode is expected in EAFC 24

According to DonkTrading, EA Sports FC 24 is expected to launch without an online career mode feature.

Now, there is a silver lining, and that's the fact that, according to the same source, EA Sports is actively developing the mode for further instalments in their EAFC franchise.

It'll be interesting to see what an online career mode in EA Sports FC would look like. Would players have to follow a strict real-life schedule to play their matches on a specific date?

How would the transfer market work? Just picturing the chaotic nature of a deadline day in which multiple players are scrapping by to finish that one last deal has us giddying with excitement!

Sadly, these and other questions will remain without an answer for the foreseeable future as EA Sports FC 24 will launch with your classic offline career mode and not much else for single-player-only gamers.

For more on EA Sports FC 24, check out the new customisation options for career mode.

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